Is Amasra Safe for Women? Crime Rate in Amasra

Safety index

3.2 /5

The safety level in Amasra is considered to be moderate, with an overall safety index of 3.2.

Crime index

Very Low
1 /5

The crime rate in Amasra is considered to be very low, with an overall crime index of 1.

Violence index


On average 6% percentage of women in Turkey have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner at some time in their life, according to OECD Data.

Crime & Safety Stats

Safety index:


Safety walking alone after dark:

N/ANot enough data

Safety using public transport:

N/ANot enough data

Crime index:

1/5Very Low

Worries of being sexually harassed:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of being sexually assaulted or raped:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of being physically attacked:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of home broken and things stolen:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of being mugged or robbed:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of being kidnapped or murdered:

N/ANot enough data

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How safe is Amasra for women?

Is Amasra safe to travel?

Solo travel experience

In Amasra I felt safe.People were very welcoming. Everyone tried to give me Turkish delight to try. I was there only for one day,I didn't stay at night. Foods were amazing.I recommend you to try different Turkish delights as much as it's possible. I also recommend you to eat simit there.It's amazing.

Posted: February 13, 2024Experienced: October, 2023
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Crime in Turkey