Is Burford Worth Visiting for Solo Female Travelers?

Burford is a charming small medieval town nestled in the Cotswold Hills in West Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Recognized as the Gateway to the Cotswolds, it is embroidered with beautiful limestone cottages, radiant gardens, and vintage tea rooms that epitomize peace and tranquillity. Its enchanting high street slopes down towards the River Windrush and is lined with a fascinating array of shops selling antiques, artwork, and local handmade crafts. Burford is well known for its 900-year-old historical landmark, St John the Baptist Church, which showcases incredible Gothic architecture and the ornate Burford Grammar School where the celebrated 18th-century scholar and lexicographer, Samuel Johnson, attended. Its vibrant wildlife park featuring a collection of rare and exotic animals is a must-visit hot spot for families and wildlife enthusiasts.

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Jennifer (18)

United Kingdom

pub crawl with a group, fair price to stay in some lovely pub gardens! would highly recommend the lamb and cross keys (especially when the sun‘s out). most of the staff were very accommodating of our large group.

Posted: May 17, 2023
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