Best Places in Mexico for Solo Female Travel

Mexico City

1, Mexico City

Mexico City, the vibrant capital of Mexico, is located in the heart of the country's central highlands. This metropolis is one of the most populous city in the world and is brimming with a heady mix of tradition, modernity, culture, and history. Known for its fascinating blend of Aztec and Spanish colonial heritage, Mexico City shines through its prestigious historical sites such as the ancient ruins of Teotihuacán and the magnificent Templo Mayor. Its lively street life, rich food scene, traditional mariachi music, and iconic attractions like Palacio Nacional and Plaza de la Constitución (Zócalo) also draw millions of tourists each year. Moreover, it's a cultural hub and is renowned for a myriad of museums like Soumaya Museum, Frida Kahlo Museum, and the National Museum of Anthropology. Whether you're a history buff, foodie, or culture vulture, the sweeping array of experiences in Mexico City ensures something for everyone's liking.


2, Cancún

Cancún, located on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, is a popular tropical destination renowned globally for its vibrant culture, leisure activities, and exquisite natural beauty. Enveloped by the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, this enchanting city is famous for its pristine white-sand beaches, world-class scuba diving and snorkeling sites, and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. On land, Cancún is rich in history and civilization; home to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum and Coba, it provides an extensive exploration of heritage and architecture. The city's upmarket hotel zone, energetic nightlife with a myriad of restaurants and clubs, golf courses, and shopping malls, cater to a diverse range of interests. Cancún is indeed a travel destination for anyone seeking an adventurous, culture-rich or relaxing escape.

Playa del Carmen

3, Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, located in Mexico's sun-drenched Riviera Maya, is recognized globally for its breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant cultural offerings. Renowned for its crystal-clear turquoise waters, dazzling white sand beaches, and the famous Fifth Avenue, a pedestrian walkway filled with exciting shops, authentic Mexican restaurants, lively bars, and local artisans showcasing their crafts. A haven for water enthusiasts, it offers scuba diving experiences among the awe-inspiring coral reefs, while those interested in the rich history can explore the nearby Mayan ruins. Whether you seek tranquility, adventure, rich history, or the vibrant nightlife, Playa del Carmen is an idyllic tropical paradise that caters to all.

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Isla Mujeres

4, Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, located a swift 13 kilometers off the coast of Cancun in the sublime waters of the Caribbean Sea, Mexico, is a mesmerizing haven for the weary travellers. Known for its spectacular beaches, abundant marine life, notable snorkeling and scuba diving spots such as the acclaimed MUSA Underwater Museum, and wildlife-friendly destinations like the Turtle Farm, it captures the fascinating blend of Mexican cultural appeal and natural beauty. With Playa Norte being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a remarkable Mayan heritage showcased by the remnants of a Mayan temple at Punta Sur, and a vibrant local shopping scene, Isla Mujeres offers an immersive and unforgettable vacation experience.


5, Tulum

Located on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico's Yucipa Peninsula, Tulum is a breathtaking tropical paradise recognized for its well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city. Nestled on lofty cliff-tops overlooking the sparkling turquoise sea, Tulum boasts stunning archaeological sites that date back to pre-Columbian times, including the Castillo, a formidable fortress, and the Temple of the Descending God. Visitors are also drawn towards its underwater caves and the dreamy Tulum beaches, particularly the Paradise Beach. Also, the culturally rich city, renowned for its bohemian-chic atmosphere, serves as an eco-travel hub with plenty of eco-resorts and yoga retreats. The Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its biodiversity, is another must-visit spot for nature lovers exploring Tulum.

Puerto Escondido

6, Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, an exquisite hideaway situated on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, is renowned for its immense natural beauty, traditional Mexican charm, and remarkable surfing conditions. This idyllic locale offers a flawless blend of vivacious nightlife, tranquil palm-lined beaches, exotic marine life, and adventurous water sports. It's notably known for the legendary Zicatela Beach, a world-famous hotspot for skilled surfers; the enchanting Manialtepec Lagoon, famous for its captivating phosphorescent plankton; and the buzzing Mercado Zicatela, ideal for experiencing local cuisine and culture. The unique juxtaposition of relaxing serenity and enthusiastic fun makes Puerto Escondido truly unforgettable, the perfect Mexican beach town experience.

Puerto Vallarta

7, Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, nestled halfway down Mexico's verdant Pacific coastline in the heart of Banderas Bay, is a pulsating paradise brimming with culture and elegant charm. This vibrant resort city is chiefly known for its enchanting beach resorts, water sport activities, diverse nightlife, and thriving art scene. With everything from cobblestone streets of the historic downtown - El Centro, adorned by the magnificent Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church, to the scenic Malecón boardwalk with contemporary sculptures, and alluring south shore with hidden beaches and coves at Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta is an epitome of an idyllic tropical hideaway. Not to forget, the city's lush Sierra Madre foothills and the spectacular Bahía de Banderas, one of the world's largest bays, offering a captivating setting for whale watching and fishing.

San Miguel de Allende

8, San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a breathtaking, colonial-era city located in Mexico's central highlands. Known for its captivating cobblestone streets, Spanish architecture, and vibrant arts scene, the city is an irresistible draw for lovers of culture and history. You'll marvel at the beauty of the Baroque-style Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, the city’s iconic parish church, and the numerous art galleries housed within historic buildings. The city is also home to a thriving culinary scene that includes both traditional Mexican cuisine and innovative fusion foods. Every corner of San Miguel de Allende is steeped in history and artistic expression, making it a must-visit destination in Mexico.

Puerto Morelos

9, Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, nestled between the hustle of Cancun and the charm of Playa del Carmen along Mexico's Riviera Maya, offers a tranquil and serene escape for travelers. This charming fishing village is renowned for its unspoiled beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and eco-tourist parks, making it a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Its charm lies in the preserved local culture, the picturesque leaning lighthouse, and the surrounding nature reserves like the Ruta de los Cenotes, which features stunning underground rivers and limestone sinkholes. Additionally, Puerto Morelos' close proximity to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second-largest barrier reef in the world, makes it a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving.


10, Oaxaca

Oaxaca, a southwestern state in Mexico, is a vibrant fusion of indigenous cultures, Spanish colonial influence, and stunning natural beauty. Renowned for its rich history and diverse traditions, Oaxaca City, the state’s capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring vibrant markets, majestic colonial churches and the spectacular ancient ruins of Monte Albán. Oaxaca is also celebrated for its culinary delights, especially for its seven varieties of mole, a complex traditional sauce. Additionally, the state is known for its distinct handicrafts, particularly intricately painted Oaxacan wood carvings or 'alebrijes' and handwoven textiles. Nature lovers will appreciate Oaxaca's verdant valleys, majestic mountain ranges, and tranquil Pacific coastline, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a culturally enriching, awe-inspiring vacation.

Oaxaca City

11, Oaxaca City

Nestled in the heart of Southern Mexico is the beautiful gem of Oaxaca City, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its unique blend of colonial charm, indigenous culture, and vibrant culinary scene. Its location, nestled in a valley beneath the Sierra Madre, blesses it with captivating landscapes and a pleasant climate. Oaxaca is renowned for its colorful architecture, intricate handicrafts, especially black pottery, and traditional "alebrijes" - whimsical carvings of fantastical creatures. Regular festivals burst onto the city streets with music, traditional dance, parades, and the famous "Guelaguetza" folk dance. Food lovers also find nirvana in Oaxaca's local street food stalls and gourmet restaurants serving dishes steeped in tradition, including "mole", a complex and hearty sauce served over meat, and "mezcal", a fiery local liquor.

Cabo San Lucas

12, Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, located at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, is a globally renowned travel destination famed for its enchanting landscape, sun-kissed beaches, azure waters and year-round perfect weather. This gem in Mexico’s crown is famous for its outstanding water-sports, thrilling nightlife, stunning golf courses, and enchanting scuba diving locations. Visitors also flock to El Arco, a unique rock formation at Land's End, and get engaged in whale watching from December to April. Luxury resorts, fine dining, and high-end shopping are part of the quintessential Cabo experience, as is the traditional Mexican hospitality making Cabo San Lucas a must-see destination for avid travelers.


13, Cozumel

Cozumel, an island paradise located in the Caribbean Sea, is one of Mexico's topmost travel destinations renowned for its vibrant natural beauty, rich history, and set off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. Known for its amazing coral reefs and diverse marine life, it’s a dream location for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts from around the world. This sun-soaked island is also home to several Mayan archaeological sites, offering a wonderful insight into the region's ancient civilization. Above the waves, the island is blessed with tropical beaches, exotic flora and fauna, and a lively town filled with vibrant Mexican culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and bustling markets perfect for those seeking an authentic shopping experience.


14, Progreso

Progreso, a captivating port city in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, offers its visitors a unique blend of historical intrigue and coastal relaxation. Known for its charming boardwalk, or "malecón," stretching an impressive 6.5 km into the Gulf of Mexico, Progreso is a stunning beach destination that provides panoramic ocean views and exquisite eateries serving local delicacies. The city is also renowned for its close proximity to ancient Mayan ruins, including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Chichen Itza and Uxmal, bringing in history buffs from around the world. A visit to Progreso promises a distinct experience of sandy relaxation, authentic cultural immersion, and archaeological exploration, offering the perfect getaway for a diversity of travel interests.


15, Mérida

Mérida, nicknamed the "White City," is the vibrant capital of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Known for its rich Mayan and colonial heritage, it's a city where ancient history and contemporary culture blend seamlessly into a captivating mix. Its streets are lined with pastel-hued buildings, boasting beautifully preserved Spanish colonial architecture. Mérida is renowned for its lively music scene, delectable Yucatecan cuisine, and bustling markets selling traditional crafts. The city also serves as a gateway to numerous archaeological sites, including the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site, Chichén Itzá, and the mysterious cenotes – natural sinkholes popular for swimming and diving. Moreover, its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico provides easy access to beaches like Progreso.

Quintana Roo

16, Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo, a picturesque state on the eastern part of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, is a true paradise for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. Enveloped in sparkling Caribbean waters, it's famed for its breathtaking white-sand beaches, vibrant reefs ideal for snorkeling, and extensive culinary delights featuring delectable seafood. Known worldwide for the resort city of Cancun, the island of Cozumel, and the enchanting Maya ruins of Tulum, Quintana Roo seamlessly blends the charm of ancient civilizations with modern luxury. Its expansive eco-parks, like Xcaret and Xel-Ha, along with the enigmatic underground rivers and cenotes, enhance its escapist allure, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a unique blend of relaxation, adventure, and culture.


17, Bacalar

Located in the southernmost part of Mexico's Quintana Roo state, near the border with Belize, Bacalar is a stunning haven known for its mesmerising charm. This picturesque town is famed for its stunning freshwater Laguna Bacalar, also known as the 'Lake of Seven Colours', which shimmers in seven different shades of blue, green and turquoise. This wild, naturally beautiful place is perfect for nature enthusiasts with lush vegetation, rich biodiversity, and stunning coastline. Bacalar's ancient Mayan ruins, historic Fort San Felipe, and charming town centre, filled with colonial-era structures and authentic local eateries, enrich travelers' experiences. This destination truly offers an idyllic blend of adventure, relaxation, and magnificent natural beauty.

San Jose del Cabo

18, San Jose del Cabo

Located on the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, San Jose del Cabo is a charming, vibrant town known for its rich history, scenic beauty, and vibrant art scene. Its colonial architecture, authentic Mexican cuisine, and myriad outdoor activities make it a perfect holiday destination. With a warm, arid climate, it hosts untouched beaches, world-class surfing spots, and renowned marinas for yacht cruising. It is particularly famous for Art Walk, an event where art lovers explore unforgettable galleries on Thursday evenings. San Jose del Cabo, where traditional meets contemporary, provides a relaxed yet delightful cultural experience.


19, Cholula

Cholula, Mexico, is a fascinating city located in the state of Puebla, famous for its rich history and vibrant cultural heritage. It's most renowned for the Great Pyramid of Cholula, one of the most iconic landmarks in Mexico and considered the largest archaeological site of a pyramid in the New World. This pre-Columbian city is also known for its numerous churches; locals often claim there's one church for every day of the year, each boasting unique colonial architecture. Cholula's vibrant market scene, flavorful cuisine, and the renowned University of the Americas make it a unique blend of the old and new, drawing in a steady stream of both scholars and tourists.


20, Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca, often called the "City of Eternal Spring," is a vital tourism destination located in the south-central part of Mexico, in Morelos state. Known for its perennially pleasant climate and captivating history, visitors are spellbound by its lush gardens, colonial architecture, and rich artistic heritage. It's home to captivating attractions such as the Palacio de Cortés, where Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés once resided, now a history museum, and the 16th-century Cuernavaca Cathedral set in a tranquil former monastery. Also noteworthy are the city's ample array of tranquil parks and gardens, particularly the enchanting Jardín Borda, filled with tropical flowers. Cuernavaca's vibrant street markets, local culinary delights, indigenous crafts, and its active nightlife make it an enthralling tourist paradise.

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