Is Quintana Roo Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Quintana Roo, has generally been hailed as a relatively safe location for solo female travelers. That said, it is still important to exercise typical travel safety precautions. Secure your belongings, stick to tourist-friendly locations, observe local customs, and beware of common scams. Notably, areas like Cancun and Playa del Carmen are renowned for their hospitality, making them popular among tourists. However, other parts of Quintana Roo can be a bit less safe, with incidents of petty crime being slightly more common. As with all travel, staying alert and informed about your surroundings is key.

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How safe is Quintana Roo?

Safety at night:

Safety at night:Unsafe

Quintana Roo is relatively known for its tourist areas like Cancun and Playa del Carmen. While these places have a considerable security presence, especially in the tourist areas, it is still not advised for you to walk alone at night. This is due to instances of crime that occur in the more secluded areas, which can be of greater concern for solo female travelers. You should always be cautious, stick to well-lit and populated areas, and use trusted forms of transportation instead of walking alone at night.
Public transportation:

Public transportation:Moderate

Public transportation in Quintana Roo, is generally reliable and widely used, with options such as buses, taxis, and collectivos widely available. However, it's essential to be vigilant, especially at night, due to occasional reports of crime and occasional scams, particularly in taxi services. Make sure to use only authorized taxis and negotiate or know the rate before setting off to avoid any misunderstanding. When riding buses, keep your belongings close and be aware of your surroundings. Although incidents are not frequent, they do occur.
Street harassment:

Street harassment:Moderate

Quintana Roo, especially the famed destinations like Cancun or Tulum, is generally considered safe for solo female travelers. However, some minor incidents of street harassment such as catcalling or unwarranted attention can occasionally be experienced. This tends to be more prevalent in nightlife areas. Always remember to stay aware of your surroundings, especially at night, and consider dressing modestly to avoid unwanted attention.
Petty crimes:

Petty crimes:Moderate

Quintana Roo, predominantly tourist-oriented, has an average threat of petty crimes. While the area's overall safety standards are decent, occurrences such as pickpocketing, theft, and minor scams cannot be completely ruled out. These incidents occur more often in crowded areas like public transport, markets, and tourist destinations. Travelers are recommended to remain vigilant, especially while in public spaces.
Tap water:

Tap water:Very unsafe

In Quintana Roo, the tap water is not generally considered safe to drink. Locals and tourists commonly choose to consume bottled or purified water. The local public water system can contain bacteria and pathogens that foreign stomachs are not used to. Stay safe and opt for bottled or filtered water instead.

Is Quintana Roo safe to travel?



United Kingdom

Solo travel experience

After spending 6 weeks on a marine conservation internship just south of Cancún, I spent 2 weeks solo travelling the coast of Quintana Roo, Mexico and I LOVED it! Most of the hostels felt really safe and social although Tulum as a town had a few armed police walking around and feels a bit dangerous at night so make sure you have a buddy to walk back with if you’re going out to dinner or for drinks there. I strongly recommend going to different cenote’s (my favourite was Cenote El Vira) and going scuba diving with bull sharks (if you have your PADI certification). If you’re into diving, I visited a friend of mine in Bacalar (a village at the SE corner on Mexico, near the Belize border) and saw two spotted eagle rays munching on the seabed, it was incredible as you’re not often very close to them! Mexican food is amazing so try everything, it’s where I developed my love for tacos and make sure to try the Mexican traditional dessert from a street vendor of a crepe with Nutella and cheese! It sounds disgusting but you’ve gotta try it because more people than you think are swayed by it! It was easy to get around as you just hail down and hop on the signed minibuses on the main road, parallel to the coast, then pay a small amount of pesos when you are near the town you are staying in. Given this was in 2021 I don’t remember loads of details but feel free to message me if you have any questions 😊

Posted: January 31, 2024
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Is Quintana Roo safe right now?

Before your visit to Quintana Roo, it's essential to check travel advisories for Mexico, including your home country's official travel advisory. These advisories can provide up-to-date information on safety, health, and any specific considerations for travelers.

Canada's Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

The Canadian Government advises exercising a high degree of caution in Mexico due to high levels of criminal activity and kidnapping. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: July 10, 2024

Australia's Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

Sure, here's the redacted and formatted text: The Australian government advises to exercise a high degree of caution in Mexico overall due to the threat of violent crime. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: July 8, 2024

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