Solo Female Travel in San Andrés Cholula

Located in the picturesque state of Puebla in central Mexico, San Andrés Cholula is a charming town steeped in rich history and culture. Renowned for its captivating blend of pre-Hispanic and Colonial architecture, this hidden gem captivates visitors with its world-famous Great Pyramid of Cholula, the largest pyramid structure by volume in the world. Surrounding the pyramid are vibrant markets and a plethora of exquisite restaurants serving authentic Mexican delicacies. The town is also characterized by its lively nightlife with various music venues offering a hint of local folklore, coupled with serene parks and breathtaking views of the Popocatépetl volcano, making San Andrés Cholula a must-visit destination for all who seek the true essence of Mexican heritage.

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Is San Andrés Cholula worth visiting?

Solo travel experience

It’s extremely safe, talk to the locals there are many old ladies that own properties there and are nice and they can rent you without long contracts just be decent and clean and interact as much as you can, I recommend all the party places in that town specially mantra many are own by the same people and have a common admin It’s a nice lady all of them help foreigners if needed and there are many groups for tourist mostly from universities where you can find your tribe

Posted: February 26, 2024
Things to do: 5/5Food: 5/5Budget-friendly: 3/5Safety: 5/5
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