Solo Female Travel in SantoriniSolo Female Travel in SantoriniSolo Female Travel in SantoriniSolo Female Travel in SantoriniSolo Female Travel in SantoriniSolo Female Travel in SantoriniSolo Female Travel in SantoriniSolo Female Travel in SantoriniSolo Female Travel in Santorini

Solo Female Travel in Santorini

Travelling to Santorini alone? Connect with like-minded solo female travelers and local women, share your experiences, and make new friends along the way.

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About Santorini

Santorini is a stunningly beautiful Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. It is known for its breathtaking views, stunning sunsets, and white-washed buildings. The island is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world, with crystal clear waters and stunning volcanic rock formations. Santorini is also known for its delicious cuisine, with a variety of traditional Greek dishes to sample. The island is also home to a number of archaeological sites, including the ruins of the ancient city of Akrotiri.

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I am a masters student studying MA Child and Adolescent Psychology in Greece. I am adventurous and love nature and animals (I currently have five dogs). I’m looking for something safe and fun where I can be myself and meet new people. I love cooking, writing, acting, singing, gardening and swimming among other things. I am clean and respectful and easy to get along with. Can’t wait to see the world!


Hello! I am an American woman living in Greece while I earn my Masters Degree in Exercise Sport Psychology. When I have free time I love to travel to nearby countries to explore and experience new cultures. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world! I love making new friends!


Ciao! I’m Eleonora, an Italian based in Greece. Digital Nomad since 2020 with a passion for travel 🌎 I’m a weird Italian since I drink neither coffee ☕️ nor wine 🍷 😂 But I can live with only pistachio icecream 🍦🤤 and I can make the best pasta you’ll ever eat 🍝 I’m passionate about sustainability 🌱 and DEI 🌈(that are also my work field).

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Hi, my name is Ally and I'm looking for some gal pals to travel with. I am engaged to a wonderful man, but unfortunately, he's not much for traveling.

Experiences from Santorini

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December 10, 2022

Couple travel experience

We spent 3 days in Santorini, and I wish we would have spent less time there. Too many people for me and quite expensive. I didn’t feel like I was getting the real essence of Greece. In front of our place overlooking the caldera there were people getting their photo taken 24/7.

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November 29, 2022

Solo travel experience

For Santorini, I enjoyed visiting the ancient Thera site - not much to see by way of ruins but fantastic views. Personally I found sunset in Oia to be overhyped - I’d recommend watching the sunset from Imerovigli or Pyrgos as other options. Akrotiri lighthouse also provides another interesting view. Also loved Megalochori - beautiful little town and also has a view of the caldera. The rock formations in Vlichada Beach are spectacular too. I did the walk from Oia to Fira and it was great. Same a cruise around Santorini, had a lot of fun. So nice seeing the caldera and island from the water.

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November 29, 2022

Family travel experience

Santorini was one of my very favourite destinations! The views, the food, the people and the beaches. We spent most of our time in Santorini and one full day in Athens. My daughter and I felt very safe.

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November 28, 2022

Solo travel experience

Santorini is the most overrated Greek island in my opinion. Very, very expensive and no real soul or Greek island ‘vibe’. Yes, the sunset is amazing, but the crowds spoil it I feel. Every island has its own personality. I prefer the smaller, less crowded islands where you actually get to know the locals.

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August 28, 2022

Things to do: - Wander the Streets of Oia - Hike Skaros Rock - Discover Megalochori - Relax at Amoudi Bay - Spot the chapels in Fira - Visit Pyrgos - Rent an ATV and cruise the island Safety: I felt very safe. Accommodation: Stayed at the Caveland hostel. Best and most beautiful place I have ever stayed in.

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August 21, 2022

Itinerary: Day 1: Fira Day 2: Oia Day 3: Imerovigli Safety: I felt pretty safe, just take normal precautions as everywhere. Accommodation: Stayed at Caveland, It was very clean and the staff were very friendly. Would highly recommend. Recommendations: Fira is easily walkable with plenty of cute shops and delicious food.

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August 14, 2022

Itinerary: Day 1: Admire the view from Fira Day 2: Caldera sunset sailing tour Day 3: Hike from Fira to Oia Day 4: Perissa black sand beach Day 5: Akrotiri ancient ruins and Red beach Safety: I felt totally safe and comfortable. I met a lot of other solo female travelers in hostels, so I didn’t end up spending that much time on my own. Accommodation: I absolutely loved my stay at Caveland hostel. So accessible to everything on the island, and the staff was so nice. Great place too meet cool people from all over. Recommendations: Go to Oia at sunrise. You will still get all the beauty of the city, but you can avoid the crowds.

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August 7, 2022

Itinerary: Day 1: Imerovigli Day 2: Oia Day 3: Fira Day 4: Perissa Beach Safety: I felt supper safe. Accommodation: Stayed at Fira backpackers hostel. Great location, just 5 minute walk from bus station and 5 minute walk into center. Recommendations: I've been a lot of places and the sights from Santorini are still hard to beat. Highly recommend.

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July 31, 2022

Itinerary: Day 1: Fira to Oia hike Day 2: Visit the villages and sights of Santorini Day 3: Cruise trip to the volcano, hot springs and Thirassia Day 4: Visit Oia early in the morning to take pictures without the crowds Safety: No issue with safety. It's a very safe and very popular tourist destination. Accommodation: I stayed at the Fira Backpackers hostel and had the best time. Great staff, great location and full of backpackers. Recommendations: Santorini is very much filled with tourists, but the island is simply gorgeous. If you want to explore it on your own rent an ATV.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Santorini safe for solo female travellers?

Yes, Santorini is generally considered safe for solo female travelers. However, as with any destination, it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. Be aware of your surroundings, avoid walking alone at night, and keep your valuables secure.

Is Santorini good for solo travel?

Yes, Santorini is a great destination for solo travelers. The island is very safe and the locals are friendly and welcoming. There are plenty of activities to do, from exploring the beautiful beaches to visiting the archaeological sites. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy.

Is Santorini expensive for solo travellers?

Santorini can be expensive for solo travellers, depending on the type of accommodation and activities you choose. However, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available, such as hostels, Airbnb, and budget restaurants. With careful planning, it is possible to enjoy a great holiday in Santorini without breaking the bank.

What to do in Santorini solo?

Explore the Caldera

Take a boat tour around the caldera and explore the stunning views of the volcanic islands.

Visit the Ancient Ruins

Visit the ruins of Akrotiri and explore the ancient Minoan civilization.

Take a Hike

Take a hike up to the top of the volcano and enjoy the breathtaking views of the island.

Visit the Beaches

Spend a day at the beach and relax in the sun.

Go Wine Tasting

Visit some of the local wineries and sample some of the delicious local wines.

Take a Cooking Class

Learn how to make some of the traditional Greek dishes.

Go Shopping

Explore the local shops and pick up some souvenirs.

Take a Boat Tour

Take a boat tour around the island and explore the stunning coastline.

Visit the Hot Springs

Relax in the natural hot springs and enjoy the therapeutic benefits.

Take a Yoga Class

Take a yoga class and enjoy the calming atmosphere of the island.

Is Santorini safe to travel alone?

Yes, Santorini is generally considered safe to travel alone. However, as with any destination, it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. Be aware of your surroundings, avoid walking alone at night, and keep your valuables secure.

Is Santorini safe at night?

Yes, Santorini is generally considered safe at night. However, as with any destination, it is always wise to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

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