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Kavala, a picturesque city in northern Greece, is tucked beautifully against the azure waters of the Aegean Sea and the forested slopes of Mount Symvolo. This Greek gem is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. Walking along the cobblestone streets, you encounter a fascinating blend of Byzantine walls, Ottoman baths, and a well-preserved medieval castle that overlooks the city, reminding the visitor of eras gone by. Kavala is also famed for its tobacco production, the Panagia district with its traditionally designed houses, and the mesmerizing underwater caves, perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. Combining history, beautiful beaches, and grandiose mountain views, Kavala is a sublime Mediterranean retreat.

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Safety:Very safe

Kavala, is generally safe for solo female travelers. The locals are welcoming and helpful, which creates a comfortable environment. The rate of crime is low, and most areas of the city are safe to explore both during the day and at night. Furthermore, the public transportation in Kavala is reliable and widely used by locals and tourists alike. It's always advisable to stay vigilant and follow general travel safety guidelines, but overall, Kavala is a friendly and safe city for solo female travelers.


Navigating Kavala, is relatively simple. The city is not too large, and most tourist attractions are within walking distance. If needed, public transportation is efficient and reasonably priced. However, the hilly terrain can occasionally make things a bit challenging.

Things to do:Interesting

Kavala is a charming seaside town rich in history and culture. You can visit the Kavala Fortress, which offers beautiful views of the city and sea, or explore the historic Old Town with its Ottoman-era buildings and scenic cobblestone streets. The Imaret Hotel is a historic place to visit with intricate architecture. Kavala is also home to beautiful beaches like Kalamitsa and Batis where you can relax or partake in some water activities. A worthwhile trip is to the ancient site of Philippi, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Although Kavala is not a major city, it never lacks in authentic local experiences.

Food:Above average

Kavala offers a diverse palette of flavors. The city's cuisine heavily centers around fresh seafood, local herbs, fruits, and vegetables available in the region. You can savor traditional Greek dishes, Mediterranean food, and also find a variety of international cuisines. Get ready to try the aromatic Greek coffee, fresh bread, local cheeses, honey, and vibrant Greek salads. However, it may lack a bit in terms of meeting the demands of more adventurous food lovers as the focus is primarily on traditional Greek flavors.


Kavala is quite friendly to the budget-conscious traveler with affordable accommodation options, reasonably priced local food, and free natural attractions like the beautiful beaches and hikes. However, some cultural sites may have entrance fees and traveling in peak season could increase costs.

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