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Located in the South Moravian Region of Czech Republic near the Austrian border, Znojmo is a historically rich city known for its enchanting architecture and incredible vineyards. Rising above the River Dyje, this city boasts the stunning Znojmo Castle, offering exquisite panoramas of the scenic landscapes below. The city is synonymous with the Czech Republic's renowned wine, hosting the popular annual wine festival, and comprising many wine cellars serving local Moravian wine. Also, a labyrinth of underground tunnels beneath the city, the Saint Nicholas' Deanery Church, and the nearby Podyji National Park add to Znojmo's unique blend of history, culture, and spectacular natural beauty.

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Safety:Very safe

Znojmo is generally safe for solo female travelers. As with any destination, it's important to stay vigilant, especially at night or in less populated areas. The locals are usually friendly and willing to help if needed. Criminal incidents are generally low, but occasional pickpocketing cannot be ruled out especially in crowded areas or on public transportation. There are decent healthcare facilities available and the city is well-regulated by a responsive local police force.


Znojmo is quite easy to navigate. The majority of its attractions, local eateries, shops, and accommodation are concentrated in the town's historic center which is easily walkable. Tourist maps are also readily available. However, for sights slightly outside the town, you might need to use public transportation or rent a bike.

Things to do:Interesting

Znojmo in the Czech Republic has a plethora of historical places to visit from the catacombs, to the St Nicholas' Church and the Znojmo castle offering panoramic view of the city. Additionally, the city's position in the winemaking region lends to visiting vineyards and wine cellars. Nature lovers can explore the Podyjí National Park. It also has a good assortment of eateries and local shops. All these make Znojmo quite interesting, keeping in mind it is a relatively small town.

Food:Above average

Znojmo offers a moderately diverse food scene filled with traditional Czech dishes. The town includes eateries, serving classic local favorites like hearty goulash, dumplings, and svickova. Vegetarian options can sometimes be limited, but overall, the food is deliciously comforting and of high quality.


Znojmo is fairly budget-friendly for the savvy solo female traveler. Food, accommodations, and local transportation are relatively inexpensive compared to Western European cities. Popular local attractions such as the Znojmo Castle and Town Hall Tower have minimal entry fees. You can enjoy local wines, Czech cuisine or take a hike around the National Park without breaking the bank. So, it's quite affordable but not the cheapest destination in Eastern Europe.

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