Cheap Places in United States for Solo Female Travel

The United States, located in North America, is a vast and incredibly diverse country known for its vibrant mix of cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and historical landmarks. Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, it features world-renowned cities like New York, known for its towering skyscrapers and vibrant cultural scene, and Los Angeles, home to the glamour of Hollywood. The country also boasts awe-inspiring natural beauty from majestic Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Canyon. U.S. is rich in historical sites like the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. From the beaches of Florida to the ski slopes of Colorado, the United States offers endless travel possibilities to explore.
Kansas City

1, Kansas City

Situated in the heart of the United States, Kansas City straddles the border between Missouri and Kansas, known for its unique blend of cosmopolitan vibrancy and midwestern charm. This dynamic metropolis is renowned for its rich jazz and blues music legacy, delicious barbeque cuisine, and as the home of the beloved Kansas City Royals baseball team. With distinctive architectural sites like the futuristic Kauffman Center for Performing Arts, the undulating Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art exhibiting pieces from every continent and era, and the bustling City Market filled with diverse vendors, it's a cultural hub that offers endless exploration. Whether you're marveling at the vibrant murals in the Crossroads Art District or enjoying the city’s history at Union Station, Kansas City offers a unique kaleidoscope of experiences to every visitor.


2, Charlotte

Charlotte, nestled in the heart of North Carolina, United States, is a vibrant and dynamic city renowned for its tantalizing Southern charm. Fondly known as the "Queen City," it's particularly famous for its thriving financial sector, being home to the headquarters of Bank of America and major operations for Wells Fargo, making it the second-largest banking hub in the country. Besides the bustling business sights, Charlotte is also rich with vibrant arts and culture, as reflected in its array of museums such as the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture and the Mint Museum. With its fine dining establishments, sprawling green parks like the Freedom Park, and the thrilling NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte offers a potpourri of experiences, making it a must-visit destination in the US.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

3, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Located along the border between North Carolina and Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an iconic United States treasure known for its picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife. Engulfed in age-old hemlock forests and home to a vast array of striking waterfalls and winding river valleys, this national park offers one of the most abundant natural life ecosystems in North America. Known for its hidden gems like the bioluminescent synchronous fireflies and over 800 miles of hiking trails, it is especially famous for the panoramic views of ridges and foggy depths that give the park its name. The historical remnants like log houses, barns, and churches dotting the area also offer a small window to experience the rich tapestry of Southern Appalachian mountain culture. Whether for hiking, sight-seeing, or simply enjoying the stunning view of the wildflowers and deciduous forests, Great Smoky Mountains National Park shines above other locations as a sanctuary of untouched natural beauty.

Harbor Springs

4, Harbor Springs

Harbor Springs, located in the U.S. state of Michigan, is an idyllic and charming retreat tucked away on the north shore of Little Traverse Bay. Known for its laid-back, small-town charm and stunning natural beauty, this cozy coastal town draws visitors with its vibrant art scene, historically rich downtown, and outdoor recreational activities. Come winter or summer, there's something for everyone here – from engaging in ski adventures at Boyne Highlands or Nubs Nob, enjoying world-class golf courses, sailing on the pristine Lake Michigan, to exploring the unique shops and restaurants that line its quaint streets. Harbor Springs is truly a year-round paradise set against the backdrop of gorgeous landscapes, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking beaches.

Acadia National Park

5, Acadia National Park

Located on the rugged coast of Maine, United States, Acadia National Park is a spectacular piece of natural beauty that spans 49,000 acres. Known for its stunning landscapes, the park boasts verdant forests, crystal-clear lakes, towering mountains, and a rugged, rocky coastline that offers breathtaking ocean views. Visitors are drawn to its myriad of outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and horseback riding on over 120 miles of historic trails, including the challenging Precipice Trail and the scenic path up to Cadillac Mountain - the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard. Wildlife enthusiasts may spot moose, bear, whales, and a plethora of bird species. With its topside natural wonders and its underwater marine life, Acadia National Park truly offers an unforgettable travel experience bursting with adventure and discovery.

Berkeley Springs

6, Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs, nestled in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle, is a charming spa town that attracts visitors from around the world, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and rich history. Famed for its warm mineral springs, originally discovered by Native Americans and later frequented by George Washington, Berkeley Springs promises relaxation and rejuvenation with its spas and bath houses. Beyond its healing waters, this picturesque town also offers a thriving arts scene, with its variety of galleries, antique stores, and music festivals, stunning parks for hiking and exploring, as well as local eateries serving delicacies from farm-fresh to international cuisine. Whether seeking serenity in nature, indulging wellness treatments or exploring local culture and history, Berkeley Springs provides an idyllic escape from everyday life.

Cape Charles

7, Cape Charles

Cape Charles is a charming small town nestled on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, USA. Overflowing with historical treasures, this bayside haven is known for its stretch of scenic beauty, punctuated by pristine beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and the distinctly vibrant hues of the Chesapeake Bay. It's home to the impressive Cape Charles Lighthouse and offers an eclectic mix of antique shops, unique eateries, and local craft breweries. The allure of Cape Charles lies not only in its warm sandy beaches, but also in its rich maritime history, beautifully preserved homes, and an inviting slow-paced lifestyle that draws vacationers from all corners of the world.


8, Pittsburgh

Situated in the southeast of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is an eclectic city where modern skyscrapers stand side by side with 18th-century historic sites. Known as the "City of Bridges", it boasts an impressive 446 bridges, more than any other city in the world. With the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers, Pittsburgh paints a unique landscape, adorned with stunning vistas. The city also holds a proud industrial heritage and is famously known for its steel production. It's a hub of culture with notable attractions, such as The Andy Warhol Museum and Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Also touted for its sports fervor, Pittsburgh is home to the beloved Steelers football team, the Penguins hockey team, and the Pirates baseball team.


9, Bethlehem

Situated in the heart of Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem is a charming American city renowned for its rich colonial and industrial history. It is a captivating destination with a unique blend of exciting attractions, historical landmarks, and exquisite culinary experiences. Bethlehem has been instrumental in the United States' steel industry, earning itself the moniker "The Steel City". The city's main attraction, the impressive Bethlehem Steel Plant, traces its roots back to the industrial revolution. Bethlehem is also known as the "Christmas City" due to its annual Christmas event, which draws tourists nation-wide. Its thriving arts scene is epitomized in the Banana Factory Art Center, while the Moravian Museum offers a fascinating insight into the city's long-standing history.

Saint Petersburg

10, Saint Petersburg

Situated on Florida's gulf coast, Saint Petersburg is a vibrant city known for its pleasant weather, making it a popular destination for vacationers. Often referred to as "Sunshine City" for its average of 361 sunny days a year, it embodies the quintessential Florida charm with a unique blend of culture, history, and beach-side leisure. It's renowned for the Salvador Dali Museum, showcasing an extensive collection of the surrealist's art, the stunning Sunken Gardens - a century-old botanical paradise, and beautiful St. Pete Beach. With its vibrant arts scene, rich history, and beautiful landscapes, Saint Petersburg is a must-visit city in the United States.

Glacier National Park

11, Glacier National Park

Located in the state of Montana, USA, Glacier National Park is a breathtaking adventure characterized by over a million acres of glacial carved terrain, verdant forests, awe-inspiring mountains, crystalline lakes, and an abundance of wildlife. The park is best known for its more than 700 miles of hiking trails, the spectacular Going-To-The-Sun Road that provides panoramic views of the region's wilderness, and its status as a UNESCO world heritage site. Witness the staggering expanse of the Continental Divide, the ancient glaciers from which the park gets its name, and a diverse variety of plant and animal life. Glacier National Park is a truly enthralling destination offering both thrilling adventure and unrivaled tranquility.

Arches National Park

12, Arches National Park

Located in the Moab, Utah, United States, Arches National Park is renowned worldwide for its breathtaking natural beauty. Spread over 76,679 acres, the park is known for its awe-inspiring geological features, including over 2,000 natural stone arches, alongside massive color-splashed sandstone monoliths, canyons, and towering pinnacles. One of the most iconic landmarks within the park is the Delicate Arch, which stands majestically as a testament to the harsh elements that sculpted it. A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, the park offers recreational activities like hiking, star gazing, and camping, capturing the admiration of photographers, nature lovers, and adventure seekers around the world.


13, Utah

Located in the Western region of the United States, Utah is a destination known for a wealth of natural beauty and outdoor activities. The state boasts five stunning national parks—Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion, collectively known as the "Mighty 5", each, possessing unique, awe-inspiring landscapes. It is home to the Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere, and the Bonneville Salt Flats, a favorite for land speed record attempts. With world-class skiing facilities offered by resorts within the Rocky Mountains, Utah proudly hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Its diverse geography ranges from arid deserts and sand dunes to thriving pine forests in mountain valleys, making it a truly spectacular feast for the eyes.

San Antonio

14, San Antonio

San Antonio, located in the heart of Texas, United States, is a vibrant city steeped in rich history and modern flair. Known primarily for the Alamo, the 18th-century Spanish mission, which marks the pivotal 1836 battle for Texan independence from Mexico, it has grown into a thriving tourist attractions. San Antonio River Walk, an illustrious network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River lined with bars, shops, restaurants, and public art, is extraordinarily vibrant and a must-visit. Additionally, the city is famous for its multicultural heritage, celebrated with zest in festivals like Fiesta San Antonio, its mouth-watering Tex-Mex cuisine, flourishing art scene and the San Antonio Spurs, its renowned NBA basketball team.


15, Phoenix

Phoenix, the vibrant capital of Arizona in the United States, is a desert jewel nestled in the south-west region, offering a fusion of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure. Known for its warm temperature and sunshine, it's a prime location for leisure pursuits like golfing and hiking. The city is brimming with several attractions like the Desert Botanical Garden that showcases a vast variety of desert flora, and the renowned Heard Museum with its fantastic collection of Native American artifacts. Phoenix is also recognized for its music and arts scene, including the Artlink First Fridays, a monthly art walk. Add rich culinary delights and a panoramic view of the city from Camelback Mountain, and you've got a destination that’s hard to resist.


16, Salem

Salem, located on the northeastern coast of Massachusetts, United States, is a city adorned with rich history and mystery. It is widely recognized for its infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692, making it a magnet for those who are curious about the supernatural and historic lore. Besides the Witch Trials, this beautiful port city is also known for its stunning 18th-century architecture, which is best exemplified by The House of Seven Gables. Visitors can also explore the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Peabody Essex Museum, and Salem Willows Park. Each Autumn, Salem's cultural and spooky history is celebrated during the month-long event, known as Haunted Happenings, that attracts tourists from around the globe with its festive parade, haunted houses, ghost tours, and Halloween ball.

Zion National Park

17, Zion National Park

Located in the southwest corner of Utah, United States, Zion National Park is a spectacular oasis of majestic beauty that is well-known for its sandstone cliffs, narrow canyons, and diverse wildlife. The stunning vermilion, pink, and cream-colored cliffs stretch over 229 square miles of natural wilderness, and the park boasts a rich geological tapestry that includes unique features like the 15-mile-long Zion Canyon and the Emerald Pools with its scenic waterfalls and hanging gardens. Apart from its breathtaking landscapes, Zion is also a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts - offering countless hiking trails like the infamous Angel's Landing, rock climbing opportunities, and bird-watching, with over 290 species of birds recorded in the park. At Zion National Park, you don't just visit, you venture into a captivating wilderness that restores and revives the spirit.

Long Beach

18, Long Beach

Long Beach is a vibrant and scenic coastal city nestled in Southern California, United States. Known for its beautiful climate all year round, this stunning city is famous for its bustling port, one of the busiest shipping ports in the world, and the historic Queen Mary ocean liner converted into a hotel. Unfolding an easy-paced charm and a stunning seaside setting, Long Beach features pristine sandy beaches and a lively downtown filled with unique shops, a variety of restaurant cuisines and vibrant nightlife options. The city is also home to the captivating Aquarium of the Pacific, showcasing marine life of the Pacific in three major permanent galleries. With guaranteed warmth and sunshine, Long Beach is the perfect destination for visitors seeking diverse attractions, active leisure pursuits, and a taste of California lifestyle.

Laguna Beach

19, Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a renowned seaside resort city located in the southern part of California, USA. Known for its mild year-round climate and scenic beaches that feature emerald coves, white sands, and crystal-clear waters, it's a haven for nature enthusiasts. What really sets Laguna Beach apart, however, is its artistic leanings. The city is home to several world-class galleries, a thriving artists’ community, the famed ‘Pageant of the Masters’ live art show, and the renowned Laguna Art Museum. Additionally, it offers a wealth of outdoor pursuits ranging from hiking in the verdant hills, surfing, and sunbathing, making it the perfect spot for rejuvenation.

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