Solo Female Travel in Rize

Located on Turkey's stunning Eastern Black Sea region, Rize is an idyllic paradise known for its lush highlands, beautiful tea gardens, and serene coastal views. Its verdant landscapes, often shrouded in a mystical fog, are dotted with traditional plateau houses, rendering a picture-perfect scenery straight out of a fairy-tale book. The city is a pilgrimage site for tea lovers, celebrated as the tea capital of Turkey. Visitors are spellbound by its rich biodiversity, particularly the Kackar Mountains National Park, an excellent spot for trekking, wildlife photography, and exploring diverse flora and fauna. Moreover, Rize is renowned for its historic Ottoman-era Islamic structures, charming rural lifestyle, and unique folksy craftsmanship, offering an authentic cultural insight into Turkey's less explored regions.

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Is Rize good for solo travel?



Rize is generally safe for solo female travelers. Like most places, it emphasizes the importance of personal safety precautions. The locals are friendly and respectful, and crime rates are quite low. However, it's essential to maintain regular travel safety habits, such as not walking alone at night in unfamiliar areas and always letting someone know your daily itinerary. Make sure to respect local customs and dress modestly. Always stay vigilant, but you should expect a largely safe and welcoming experience in Rize.


Getting around Rize involves a moderate level of difficulty. There's a combination of public buses and minibuses that serve the area. However, the public transportation system is not as well-organized or frequent as in bigger cities. The locals are friendly and willing to assist if you ask for directions, but language can potentially pose a barrier, as not everyone speaks English. In terms of safety, it's generally a safe place, even for solo female travelers.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Rize is a destination full of breathtaking natural beauty and historical charm. A plethora of outdoor activities are available such as hiking, exploring the tea gardens, and historical sites like the Zil Castle or the Firtina Valley. It's a teahouse culture that allows for a taste of the local atmosphere. A serene retreat away from bustling tourist spots, but with enough to do and see to fill your itinerary.

Food:Above average

Known for its traditional Turkish cuisine, Rize introduces you to a range of dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. Although seafood and vegetables take prominence, expect a decent variety to suit various palates. Predominately showcase organic tea and delicious pastries, it might not have international cuisine.


Rize leans towards being very budget-friendly for solo female travelers. Utilities such as public transportation and food are very affordable. The living cost here is considerably lower than in major cities, allowing some room for unexpected expenses. However, the cost can rise slightly if you opt for more luxury services or accommodations, but generally, it offers good value for money.

Is Rize worth visiting?

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