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Braga, nestled in the northwest part of Portugal, offers a captivating blend of ancient history, rich culture, and vibrant modern life. Known as the religious heart of the country, it boasts an impressive number of churches, the most famous probably being the Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary. Its cobbled streets are lined with brunch cafes, exquisite eateries, and unique shops that bring the city's old-world charm to life. With its well-preserved remains from Roman times, stunning baroque architecture, and tranquil gardens such as Santa Barbara Garden, Braga is a city that persuasively combines tradition and tranquility with youthful energy and contemporary creativity.

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Safety:Very safe

Braga is generally safe for solo female travelers. The crime rate is low, locals are friendly, and the city is easy to navigate. As with any location, it's important to remain vigilant, especially during the night-time, but overall, women should feel comfortable exploring this Portuguese city.


Braga is relatively easy to navigate. The city center is compact with most of the key tourist attractions within walking distance from each other. The pedestrian-friendly streets and clear signage help in getting around. Moreover, there are typical transport options like buses, taxis, and bicycles which are also available. Language barrier might be an issue with older locals, but younger ones generally speak good English. Just remember to always carry a map or use GPS.

Things to do:Interesting

Braga is a vibrant place to visit, rich with historical architecture, stunning landscapes, and a thriving culinary scene. Tourist attractions such as the Bom Jesus do Monte, countless ancient churches and the local shops in the city center provide a range of activities. As a solo female traveler, you'd also appreciate the friendly nature of the locals, making you feel safe and comfortable during your visit.

Food:Above average

Braga offers a good variety of regional and international cuisine, with traditional Portuguese specialties being the highlight. The dishes present an interesting fusion of flavors, while the quality of food stands commendable. Fresh seafood, locally produced cheeses, and wines are some of the best elements of the city's culinary landscape. However, the diversity might not be as extensive as in larger cities worldwide. If you are a food enthusiast, the local sweets and pastries are something you shouldn't miss.


Braga is relatively budget-friendly for solo travelers. Accommodation options range from budget hostels to mid-range hotels, offering a variety of prices to suit different budgets. Eating out is also reasonably priced, especially if you try local cuisines in smaller establishments. Public transportation and city attractions are also inexpensive. While it's not the cheapest of all destinations, diligent planning can ensure a cost-effective trip.

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