Is Coimbra Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Coimbra is often known for its welcoming and friendly locals. The city is generally safe for travelers, including solo female ones, as long as common sense precautions are taken. Street crime like pickpocketing can be an issue in crowded areas, so it's advisable to pay attention to your belongings at all times. In terms of personal safety, Portuguese citizens are usually respectful and most areas around the city centre are safe to navigate, even at night. However, just like in any other city, some neighborhoods can be less safe, so it's crucial to remain alert and avoid unfamiliar areas after dark. Useful services like reliable public transportation and relatively safe taxis are widely available around the city, making it easier for solo female travelers to get around safely.

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How safe is Coimbra?

Safety at night:

Safety at night:Safe

Coimbra is generally a safe city for solo female travelers even during the night hours. As a university town, it has an active nightlife and the areas where most of the bars and clubs are located are well-lit and people are usually around. However, like anywhere else, it's always smart to stay alert and aware of your surroundings, particularly in quiet or poorly lit areas.
Public transportation:

Public transportation:Safe

Public transportation in Coimbra, is generally safe and reliable. The buses are operated by a mild number of companies that ensure their vehicles are in proper condition. Also, they are frequently used by a wide variety of locals, including students from the university. The train service is also safe and punctual, which is a good option for longer distances in and around the city. Few rare incidents of pick-pocketing have been reported in the past, especially during peak hours. However, if you stay vigilant about your belongings, you will likely have a safe and pleasant journey.
Street harassment:

Street harassment:Low

Coimbra is generally a safe city for solo female travelers. Street harassment is relatively low, with most locals exhibiting respect and politeness towards visitors. However, like any place in the world, it is always important to be mindful of your surroundings, especially late at night or in less crowded areas. Always follow your instincts and prioritise your safety.
Petty crimes:

Petty crimes:Low

Coimbra is generally safe, with a low rate of petty crimes. However, minimal risks such as pickpocketing and bag snatching still exist, particularly in touristic areas, so it’s wise to keep your belongings closely monitored and not display valuable items openly. Public transportation and busy public plazas are where these crimes are most common, but they are still relatively rare compared to other European cities.
Tap water:

Tap water:Very safe

The tap water in Coimbra is potable and of high quality. It goes through rigorous testing and treatment to ensure it meets European standards for drinking water. Therefore, it's perfectly safe to drink straight from the tap. However, you may find the taste slightly different due to the minerals and treatment process, which is completely normal.

Is Coimbra safe to travel?



United States

Solo travel experience

I felt very safe here! I visited the Joanina Library and fell in love with it. Aside from the library, there’s not much else to see, but it’s a very relaxing little town, and in my opinion, still definitely worth a visit. The entire little city is very walkable distance-wise; I didn’t need public transportation for anything. That said, a lot of it is very hilly! There is a botanical garden that’s beautiful and a mall with a cinema to provide entertainment. I really loved it here. As a solo female traveler, I felt very safe.

Posted: May 18, 2023
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Is Coimbra safe for women?

Coimbra is a small, university city. It's quiet on the weekends because most of the students leave. People use to meet up after midnight and it's common for girls and women to go back home by themselves at night.

Posted: June 12, 2024
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Is Coimbra safe right now?

Before your visit to Coimbra, it's essential to check travel advisories for Portugal, including your home country's official travel advisory. These advisories can provide up-to-date information on safety, health, and any specific considerations for travelers.

United States Travel AdvisoryTake normal security precautions

The United States government advises to exercise normal precautions in Portugal. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: July 26, 2023

Canada's Travel AdvisoryTake normal security precautions

The Canadian government advises taking normal security precautions in Portugal. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: June 4, 2024

Australia's Travel AdvisoryTake normal security precautions

Exercise normal safety precautions in Portugal. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: March 27, 2024

Is Coimbra worth visiting?

Solo travel experience

I loved Coimbra. It's a university city. On the river level, there is a splendid promenade with brilliant cafes and street music. The hills are full of beautiful universities. I listened to Fado in an ancient cafe chapel and took an old boat tour with a guide. I stayed in a very reasonably priced boutique hotel, right by the promenade.

Posted: November 5, 2023
Things to do: 5/5Food: 5/5Budget-friendly: 5/5Safety: 5/5
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