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Venlo is a charming city located in the southeastern part of the Netherlands, near the German border. A city thriving with life and culture, Venlo is renowned for its Museum van Bommel van Dam, which features an expansive collection of modern art, and the impressive St. Martinus Church that provides a glimpse into its rich history. Venlo is also well-regarded for its yearly Carnaval celebrations, one of the largest in the Netherlands. Visitors will enjoy the scenic stroll along the Meuse River and relish in the vibrant atmosphere of the city's central market square, dominated by the historic City Hall. Furthermore, the city is deeply rooted in sustainability as it embraces "cradle to cradle" principles, making it a magnet for green tourism.

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Safety:Very safe

Venlo is generally safe for solo female travelers. Like most places in the Netherlands, locals are friendly and respectful, with low rates of crime. However, always remain vigilant, especially at night or in less crowded areas, as minor incidences can occur. Public transportation is reliable, and local establishments are welcoming. Understanding local customs and some basic Dutch phrases can also enhance your safety and experience.


Navigating Venlo is reasonably easy as it is a smaller city. The city center is compact and easy to walk around, with many attractions in close proximity. Also, it boasts a well-laid cycle path network, making it convenient for biking. Yet, be informed some areas can only be reached by car or taxi, and signages might be in Dutch only, which could be a bit challenging for non-Dutch speakers.

Things to do:Interesting

Venlo is a captivating city offering a mix of historical sights, lovely parks, and unique cultural experiences. It boasts a stunning old city center featuring historic architecture and stunning churches. For nature enthusiasts, visiting 't Ven can be a reassuringly calm and peaceful activity, showcasing natural beauty. Active travelers also have plenty to occupy their time, with many well-marked walking and biking trails. You can spend your time exploring the city's charming cafes and local shops. The rich history of the city means there are also a variety of museums to explore, such as the Limburg Museum. However, compared to other destinations, the city may lack the buzz and high-octane activities of a larger locale.


Venlo, as a city in the Netherlands, offers a decent range of dining options. There's definitely a focus on local Dutch cuisine, with a handful of spots to enjoy international dishes as well. The quality and depth of flavors are satisfactory. However, for true food enthusiasts who might be expecting a wide array of diverse and unique culinary experiences, there might be a need to explore beyond its borders. Overall, food in Venlo can satisfy basic cravings but might not exceed expectations.


Venlo is quite moderate when it comes to expenses for solo female travelers. Costs can be kept at a relative minimum with budget accommodations and low-cost meal options, especially if you are keen to cook for yourself at times. Additionally, many of the city's sightseeing options are affordable or free, such as parks and public sculptures. However, attractions such as museums and some events may carry entrance fees, and higher-end dining can significantly add to your budget. Proper trip planning can help manage expenses effectively.

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Melike (22)


Solo travel experience

Hı travellers! I go to the Venlo today and I want to share my experience. First of all I went it with train and it tooks 1.5 hours from Düsseldorf. But unfortunately train is so old and many people has to go stand up. The museum was good but it is expensive for students. In the center i tookba coffee and rest a little bit. I must say Venlo is not crowded and you can travel the whe city in one day!

Posted: July 22, 2023Experienced: June, 2023
Things to do: 3/5Food: 4/5Budget-friendly: 4/5Safety: 4/5
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