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Sopron, located near the western border of Hungary, is a charming town known for its rich historical heritage and exquisite beauty. Enjoyed for the romantic atmosphere surrounding its medieval nucleus, visitors are captivated by the beautifully preserved Baroque buildings and gothic churches that paint its winding streets. Sopron also treasures the best preserved historic city center, the Firewatch Tower, offering panoramic views of the town and its vineyards down to Lake Fertő. Known as the "Most Loyal Town” for its history of siding with Hungary during turbulent periods, Sopron showcases a golden blend of Austrian and Hungarian culture and serves as a hub for the country's renowned wine industry.

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Safety:Very safe

Sopron is generally a very safe city populated by amicable people. It is full of well-lit and busy streets creating a safe environment for solo female travelers. Petty crime rates such as pickpocketing are relatively low compared to other European cities and violent crimes are extremely rare. However, like any other place, some precautionary measures like keeping personal belongings secure and avoiding isolated areas late at night would be advisable.


Sopron, despite being one of the oldest cities in Hungary, is compact and easy to navigate. Most of the attractions are situated closely together, allowing you to wander in the narrow, medieval streets by foot. The town is pedestrian-friendly with clear signage in both Hungarian and English. However, for reaching the outskirts, public transport or a bike may be necessary, but it is generally simple and convenient.

Things to do:Interesting

Sopron offers many appealing activities for solo female travelers. It is rich in historical landmarks to visit such as Firewatch Tower and Goat Church. This quaint city known for its medieval architecture and ethereal natural surroundings providing plenty of outdoor activities like hiking and walking trails. It also has a well-founded reputation for wine, with numerous cellars and vineyards that provide exquisite wine tasting experiences. However, although the city is visually appealing and safe, it might not offer as much bustle and hustle as a larger city.

Food:Above average

Sopron offers culinary experiences that reflect its Hungary-Austria border location, with a blend of Hungarian and Austrian cuisine. Among local specialties are dishes made with fish from Lake Fertő and game. Traditional Hungarian fare is well-represented. Vegetarian and international options are available, though somewhat limited, and the quality is good overall.


Sopron is considerably budget-friendly for most solo female travelers. It offers an array of affordable food, accommodation, and transportation options. Compared to other European cities, tourist attractions are reasonably priced. However, upscale dining and luxury hotels can be more expensive.

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