Is Carrazeda de Ansiães Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Carrazeda de Ansiães, a small town in Portugal, is generally safe and welcoming towards solo female travelers. People are known to be friendly and the crime rate is relatively low. However, like anywhere else, it's essential to follow general safety measures such as avoiding isolated areas at night and being aware of your surroundings at all times.

Safety rating

4.8 /5

Based on research and crime data

Safety overview

Safety at night:Safe

Carrazeda de Ansiães, is generally a safe and serene location. It's not bustling with nightlife, but walking alone late at night is not typically a cause for anxiety. The locals are friendly and the crime rate is low. However, as with any location, always practice basic safety precautions especially when walking alone.

Public transportation: Safe

Public transportation in Carrazeda de Ansiães is generally considered safe for solo female travelers. The services, which include buses and taxis, are quite reliable and the locals are generally friendly and helpful. Authorities monitor these public transit systems, maintaining safety standards and helping passengers where needed. However, like any other place, be aware of your surroundings, especially during non-peak hours. Don't forget to respect local customs and norms.

Street harassment: Very low

The small town of Carrazeda de Ansiães in northern Portugal is well-regarded for its safety and respect towards female travelers. Instances of street harassment are rare, and the locals are usually friendly and hospitable. Walking alone, even at night, is generally safe. It is advisable, nonetheless, to maintain the standard precautions you would take in any destination.

Petty crimes:Low

Carrazeda de Ansiães, is generally a safe and peaceful place to visit. Petty crimes such as pickpocketing or purse snatching are relatively rare, but as in any tourist area, visitors should still exercise a normal degree of caution. In particular, when in crowded places or popular tourist spots where petty criminals might be more inclined to operate. Stay alert and safeguard your belongings to ensure a smooth trip.

Tap water:Very safe

In Carrazeda de Ansiães, tap water is safe to drink. The country has high standards for water quality and purification processes. It's not uncommon for locals and tourists to drink straight from the tap. However, as with any new location, your body might need time to adjust to the local water, so start with small amounts and see how you feel.

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