Best Places in Netherlands for Solo Female Travel


1, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is located in the picturesque region of North Holland. Known for its artistic heritage and elaborate canal system, it was a significant center during the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. Best known for its narrow houses with gabled facades, Amsterdam is a city that brings history alive with its world-class museums such as the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, and the Rijksmuseum. The city's vibrant nightlife is centered around Leidseplein and the iconic, neon-lit Red Light District. A cycling tour around its famed tulip fields and vast windmills is a must-do, reflecting the city's environmentally friendly, bicycle-friendly culture. Amsterdam, with its intermingling of tradition and modernity, offers a unique travel experience unlike any other in Europe.


2, Rotterdam

Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Rotterdam is a bustling hub known for its innovative architectural design and rich maritime heritage. Nestled by the banks of New Meuse, a channel in the delta formed by the Rhine and Meuse on the south side of the North Sea, this vivacious city is recognized worldwide for its Erasmus University, pioneering museums, artistic culture, and the vibrant, rejuvenated Kop van Zuid region steeped in both traditional and modern aesthetics. Key highlights include the iconic Cube Houses, the historic Delfshaven district, the state-of-the-art Market Hall, and the imposing Euromast tower, offering panoramic views of the city's unique skyline. The Port of Rotterdam, the largest in Europe and one of the busiest in the world, is another testament to the city’s profound ties with nautical exploration and trade.

The Hague

3, The Hague

The Hague, located in the western coast of the Netherlands, is a vibrant city filled with history, culture, and global importance. Known as the administrative capital of the country, it houses the Dutch parliament and royal family. This cosmopolitan city is a center for international diplomacy and justice, being home to several major international legal bodies, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. Amidst the city’s political and legal significance, The Hague boasts its picturesque beauty marked by elegant 18th-century buildings, pristine beaches, and abundant green spaces — numerous museums and art galleries, including the Mauritshuis, where Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring is exhibited. Whether exploring its historic center, scenic seaside, or vibrant food scene, The Hague offers a diverse range of experiences to every visitor.

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4, Utrecht

Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht retains a charm that often gets overshadowed by the more popular Dutch cities like Amsterdam. Characterized by a picturesque city center lined with old houses and quaint canals, the city is known for its iconic Dom Tower - the tallest church tower in the Netherlands, providing panoramic views of the surrounding cityscape. Utrecht is also home to the Utrecht University, one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, making it a vibrant learning hub that's rich in history. Furthermore, its unique attractions consist of the Rietveld Schröder House, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a masterpiece of the De Stijl art movement, and the Railway Museum, encapsulating the dynamic history of Dutch railways.


5, Groningen

Groningen, located in the northern region of the Netherlands, is a vibrant, historic city brimming with youthful energy, owing to its status as a prominent university town. It is known for its rich history, old-world charm blended in a modern university setting, and a lively cultural scene. It is home to the iconic Martinitoren, a historical 97-meter high Church bell tower that offers panoramic views of the city, and Groninger Museum, renowned for its contemporary and modern art exhibits. The city is also popular for its thriving nightlife with its many cafes, pubs and nightclubs found at Grote Markt and Vismarkt, the city's central squares. The harmonious blend of history and youthful exuberance makes Groningen a unique, not-to-be-missed destination in the Netherlands.


6, Roermond

Roermond is a vibrant city nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, in the province of Limburg. The city's unique location, where the Roer and Maas rivers converge, adds an illustrious charm to its picturesque landscapes. This historic city is renowned for a rich architectural heritage, with the grand St. Christopher Cathedral and the old market square, Market, epitomizing centuries-old Dutch designs. Roermond is also famous for being a shopping paradise - home to the largest designer outlet in Benelux and Germany, offering a plethora of iconic brands known worldwide. Uncover the nature's gems at the Maasplassen, a large water sports area with marinas and beaches, making Roermond not simply a city of culture and shopping, but also a city of water.


7, Texel

Texel is the largest and most populated among the stunning Frisian Islands in the North Sea, off the coast of the Netherlands. It's easily reachable by a short ferry ride from the mainland. Well known for its picturesque landscapes, Texel is a nature lover's paradise with its expansive verdant pastures, enchanting dunes, charming beaches, and abundant wildlife. It's home to the spectacular National Park Duinen van Texel, which offers unique bird watching opportunities, attracting bird watchers from across the globe. Texel is also famous for its sheep farming and the high-quality sheep's wool products. The traditional Dutch lifestyle there is complete with historic lighthouses, quaint villages, windmills, and museums such as the Maritime and Beachcombers Museum. The island also hosts a variety of local festivals and makes an idyllic destination for a tranquil getaway.


8, Zaanstad

Situated just north of Amsterdam in the province of North Holland, Netherlands, is the charming city of Zaanstad. Known for its rich industrial heritage, Zaanstad is famously associated with the iconic Dutch windmills, captivating wooden houses, and delightful cheese-making tradition. This picturesque area is home to the Zaanse Schans, a beautifully preserved 18th-century village where you can fully appreciate the age-old crafting of wooden shoes, admire the original windmills, and sample world-renowned Zaanstreek cheeses. With tranquil cycling and walking paths along the mesmerizing Zaan River, Zaanstad offers an enchanting glimpse into traditional Dutch life while just being a short journey from the bustle of Amsterdam.


9, Haarlem

Situated in the quaint province of North Holland, Netherlands, Haarlem is a picturesque city renowned for its rich history and spectacular architecture. Offering a delightful mix of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy, Haarlem is known for its historic churches including the striking Saint Bavo Church, its charming market squares filled with cafés and restaurants, and its illustrious art scene, primarily from housing the famous Frans Hals Museum that is home to several Dutch Golden Age paintings. With its magnificent culture of coffee shops and breweries, verdant parks, and its close proximity to the stunning tulip fields, Haarlem is truly a treasure trove offering an idyllic Dutch experience.


10, Gouda

Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Gouda is a captivating city in the province of South Holland. It's famously known throughout the world for its namesake Gouda cheese, which is celebrated annually at the city's historic cheese market. Gouda's charm is amplified by its picturesque 15th-century town hall, which rests in the middle of the city square surrounded by quaint cafes and shops. Enriched with an omnipresent medieval atmosphere, the city is also highly esteemed for its illustrious stained glass windows at Sint-Janskerk, the longest church in the Netherlands and a designated Dutch national monument. Whether you are consequentially passionate about art, history, or gastronomy, Gouda is sure to offer an unforgettable Dutch experience.


11, Bonaire

Bonaire, a Caribbean island located in the Leeward Antilles in the Netherlands, is known for its enchanting beauty and unique offerings. The island boasts of a stunning marine life, appreciable via scuba diving or snorkeling through its shores, with an abundance of reef formations. Known as a Diver's Paradise, Bonaire features in the global top list for pristine diving sites. Its Washington Slagbaai National Park, a natural sanctuary for various bird species, and Lac Bay, loved by windsurfers worldwide, add to the delight. Bonaire's cultural richness is exhibited through the rustic charm of its capital, Kralendijk, with its pastel-colored buildings and local marketplace. The island's signature pink flamingoes, donkey sanctuaries, and mysterious salt pans strikes a pristine balance between wildlife and serenity, making Bonaire an ultimate relaxation and adventure destination.


12, Venlo

Venlo is a charming city located in the southeastern part of the Netherlands, near the German border. A city thriving with life and culture, Venlo is renowned for its Museum van Bommel van Dam, which features an expansive collection of modern art, and the impressive St. Martinus Church that provides a glimpse into its rich history. Venlo is also well-regarded for its yearly Carnaval celebrations, one of the largest in the Netherlands. Visitors will enjoy the scenic stroll along the Meuse River and relish in the vibrant atmosphere of the city's central market square, dominated by the historic City Hall. Furthermore, the city is deeply rooted in sustainability as it embraces "cradle to cradle" principles, making it a magnet for green tourism.


13, Maastricht

Located in the southernmost part of the Netherlands, nestled between Belgium and Germany, lies the charming city of Maastricht. Known for its rich history and diverse culture, Maastricht boasts well-preserved medieval architecture, including the Saint Servatius Basilica and the city's fortification walls. Adjacent to the undulating hills of the Limburg countryside, the city also offers a plethora of outdoor activities. It is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, international art fair TEFAF, and the University of Maastricht, one of the Netherlands' youngest and most innovative universities. With its romantic cobbled streets, and a blend of Latin and traditional Dutch culture, Maastricht is a destination that captivates the hearts of travelers.


14, Hilversum

Hilversum, located in North Holland, Netherlands, is a vibrant city known as the "Media Capital" of the country. This picturesque city is famous for its rich broadcast history and houses the country's main television and radio studios. Huddled amongst lush greenery and shimmering lakes, Hilversum combines modern aestheticism with a touch of historical charm, evident in its beautiful architecture that dates back to the early 19th century. Visitors can indulge in a cultural retreat by exploring the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, take peaceful strolls in the lovely gardens of Pinetum Blijdestein, and can admire the architectural marvels such as the St. Vitus Church. Whether you're a media enthusiast or a nature admirer, Hilversum promises an enriching experience.


15, Ameland

Ameland is a captivating island situated in the North Sea, off the Dutch mainland in the Northern Netherlands. It is the third major island in West Frisian Islands, known for its breathtaking natural landscapes -- an enchanting blend of dunes, beaches, forests, and mudflats. Famous for its iconic, red and white-striped lighthouse, Ameland boasts rich maritime and whaling history. This picturesque island is also renowned for its unique culinaries like farm cheese and Ameland beer, and annual events like the 'Rôggefeest' parade, drawing a ubiquitous presence of artists and culture enthusiasts. Whether it's birdwatching, cycling, walking, or revitalizing on the sun-drenched beaches, Ameland offers a serene and refreshing escape for every traveller.


16, Westerbork

Westerbork is a small, tranquil village nestled in the northeastern region of the Netherlands, specifically in the province of Drenthe. The village is best known for Camp Westerbork, a sobering reminder of World War II where over 100,000 Dutch Jews were held before being transported to concentration camps in Eastern Europe. Today, Westerbork is a place of historical significance and reflection with a poignant memorial and a thought-provoking museum. It also hosts the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope, a large radio telescope array used for astronomical research. Surrounded by lush greenery and typical Dutch scenery, Westerbork offers an enriching blend of rich history, science, and untouched nature.


17, Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden, the cultural capital of the lush Friesland region in the northern Netherlands, unfolds a charming Dutch panorama sprinkled with windmills, canals, and historic architecture. Known as the birthplace of the famous spy and exotic dancer Mata Hari, the city brims with heritage, exemplified through its illustrious Fries Museum and meticulously preserved historic houses. Travellers can marvel at the leaning Oldehove tower, take a picturesque stroll through Prinsentuin, a renaissance-style park, or go boating on the scenic canals. This vibrant city, peppered with bustling markets and irresistible cheese shops, also takes pride in its role as a hub for Frisian language and culture, intertwined with its progressive stance on sustainability.


18, Heerenveen

Located in the heart of the Friesland province in the northern parts of the Netherlands, Heerenveen is a charming town known for its rich history, cultural appeal, and an array of attractions for both locals and visitors. Established in 1551, Heerenveen serves as a magnet to sports enthusiasts worldwide as it is famous for speed skating. This beautiful city is home to the Thialf Ice Arena, which holds international skating championships regularly. With its various historical monuments like the Oenemastate City Park, the Belvedere windmill, and several museums such as The Heerenveen Museum that engulfs you in its engaging local history and art, Heerenveen truly offers a blend of cultural richness and sporting excitements. The city's thriving nightlife, shopping arenas, and a myriad of local and international cuisines are sure to enhance your traveling experience in the Netherlands.

De Fryske Marren

19, De Fryske Marren

De Fryske Marren, a lush and picturesque municipality set in the heartland of Friesland, one of the northern provinces of the Netherlands, is a standout destination for travelers yearning for scenic beauty and cultural enrichment. This charming locale is renowned for its serene lakes, such as the Tjeukemeer, IJsselmeer, and the Fluessen, which make it a go-to hotspot for water sports enthusiasts for sailing, kite surfing, and ice-skating during winter. De Fryske Marren's rich heritage is revealed in its beautifully preserved historical buildings dotted all over its towns, such as Lemmer and Joure, famous for its annual hot air balloon festival. Come and immerse yourself in the tranquility and allure of De Fryske Marren, a beautiful blend of nature, history, and tradition.


20, Ommen

Ommen is a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, specifically in the province of Overijssel. Renowned for its scenic beauty and tranquil ambiance, this charming locale is situated along the banks of Vecht River, providing ample opportunities for waterside walks and picnics. Ommen is surrounded by lush forests, wide meadows, and sandy plains which embody the essence of Dutch countryside tranquility, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. It's also known for its rich history, evident in the iconic 11th-century St. Brigid's Church and the stately Ommen city hall. The annual Summer Fair, vibrant with local culture and delicacies, further adds to the town's allure for tourists.

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