Best Places in Malta for Solo Female Travel


1, Valletta

Valletta, situated at Malta's northeastern coast, is a renowned destination radiating antiquated charm intertwined with modern allure. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the stunning capital city of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta, with its magnificent 16th-century Baroque architecture and enticing history layered within its fortified city walls. Valletta is best known for its well-preserved historical facets, such as St. John's Co-Cathedral, adorned with precious art including Caravaggio's masterpiece, and the Grandmaster’s Palace, housing the country's Parliament. The fascinating mix of museums, historic sites, sun-drenched cafes, and breathtaking views across the Grand Harbour attracts countless travellers seeking an immersive cultural experience.

Saint Julian's

2, Saint Julian's

Located on the northeast coast of Malta, Saint Julian's is a must-visit charming seaside town renowned for its picturesque views and vibrant nightlife. Known for its sprawling Mediterranean charm, Saint Julian's is dotted with an array of historic sights including Spinola Palace and the iconic Love Monument. It's lauded not only for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches like St. George’s Bay but also for being a hub of entertainment. A culinary hotspot, Saint Julian's offers a diverse food scene with lavish restaurants scattered around Spinola Bay. Its nightlife is centered in Paceville, where nightclubs, bars, and casinos buzz with life, making it an ideal destination for those wanting to immerse themselves in a lively and energetic environment.


3, Gozo

Gozo, a captivating island in the Maltese archipelago located just off the coast of Southern Europe in the Mediterranean Sea, is an alluring travel destination notorious for its serene, bucolic beauty and historical gems. Known for its tranquil ambiance, Gozo's idyllic landscape is punctuated by rolling hills, lush orchards, an ancient fortified city and delightful coastal vistas. The island's loveliness is exemplified in the Azure Window, a former natural limestone arch smeared across many movie screens before it's unfortunate collapse in 2017. The Ggantija Temples, being older than Egypt’s pyramids and amongst the world's oldest free-standing structures, along with the medieval Citadel in Victoria, narrate tales of the island's rich, historical tapestry. An enchantment for scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts, Gozo's crystal-clear waters and colorful marine life make it a true treasure trove for underwater exploration. Bursting with irresistibly delicious cuisine, resplendent nature and a warm, welcoming community, Gozo makes for a remarkable and invigorating retreat.

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4, Cospicua

Cospicua, also known as Bormla, is one of the stunning triple fortified cities located in the southeastern area of Malta. Known for its historical significance and architectural grandeur, the city is a magnet for history buffs and aesthetes from around the globe. Cospicua is home to noteworthy attractions such as the Dock No.1 - a massive, restored dock that echoes the city's past as an essential maritime hub, and the St. Theresa Church - an exquisitely designed Franciscan church. The picturesque city streets brimming with traditional Maltese townhouses further amplify Cospicua’s charm, while its picturesque waterfront offers breathtaking views and ample dining opportunities. This city presents a perfect blend of ancient richness and modern living, making it a must-visit destination in Malta.

St. Julian's

5, St. Julian's

St. Julian's, located on the coast of Malta, is an enchanting resort area renowned for its lively ambiance and stunning seaside views. Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, St. Julian's boasts noteworthy historical sites, including the old Parish Church and Spinola Palace, fusing seamlessly with a bustling nightlife scene driven by numerous clubs, bars, and restaurants. The district is most renowned for Spinola Bay, featuring a host of upmarket eateries and a colourful array of traditional Maltese fishing boats. Whether for restful beach lounging, cultural explorations, or vibrant nightlife, St. Julian's offers a unique blend of attractions that cater to a diverse array of travelers.


6, Sliema

Sliema is a stunning seaside town located on the east coast of the sunny, Southern European island nation of Malta. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and coastal charm, Sliema boasts a scenic waterfront promenade lined with top-notch restaurants, trendy cafes, and high-end boutiques. The town is renowned for its beautiful view of the historic capital, Valletta, best viewed during the sunset when the city walls are brilliantly lit. It's most revered for its rocky beaches and the historic Fort Tignè, reflecting its age-old culture and history. Additionally, with a mix of modern high-rises and traditional Maltese townhouses, Sliema is the perfect fusion of old and new, making it an ever-popular destination for travellers seeking both leisure and adventure.

San Gwann

7, San Gwann

San Gwann, a quaint town brimming with history and culture, is located on the sunny island of Malta, situated in the Mediterranean Sea. San Gwann is known as a lovely residential suburb, characterized by charming streets and traditional Maltese houses, located a short distance away from the bustling city of Valletta. On one hand, it boasts of its rich history reflected in its architectural gems, like the famous Mensija Cart Ruts, and the mysterious Ta' Cieda Tower; on the other hand, it offers modern amenities with its sprawling industrial estate. San Gwann provides a unique blend of traditional Maltese living with contemporary comforts, making it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Malta.


8, Mellieha

Mellieha, located in the Northern Region of the stunning archipelago of Malta, envelopes visitors in a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical allure. Famous for its sandy beaches, Mellieha Bay, one of the largest sandy beaches of the island, offers perfect Mediterranean blue waters, ideal for swimmers and sunbathers. Its steep streets, decorated with dramatic coastal views, lead to the crowning glory of Mellieha - the centuries-old hilltop church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. The town's ancient charm is further accentuated by its proximity to the red tower, a 17th-century watchtower, and the World War II shelters. Mellieha is also popular due to its close proximity to the enchanting Popeye Village, the film set turned theme park that offers a unique adventure for families visiting Malta.


9, Mgarr

Mgarr, located near the most northern tip of Malta, is a charming agricultural village known for its fertile lands where delicious strawberries and mouth-watering melons are bountifully grown. It's best recognized for its historic sites like the Ta' Hajrat Temples and the Skorba Temples, which are older than the world-renowned Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. One must not miss its spectacular harbor, surrounded by verdant hills and vineyards, consisting of the renowned ferry terminal that connects Malta to its sister island, Gozo. Whether you fancy a peaceful walk at Majjistral Nature and History Park or savoring Malta's highly-praised traditional rabbit dish, Mgarr indulges every traveller's pursuits, making it a captivating destination that combines nature, history and gastronomy in one irresistible package.


10, Mdina

Mdina, also known as the Silent City, is a timeless gem found at the heart of the Mediterranean island of Malta. Perched atop a hill, this historic city offers mesmerizingly sweeping views of Malta. Often referred to as the 'noble city,' Mdina is famous for its exquisitely preserved medieval architecture, including the imposing bastions and the striking St. Paul's Cathedral. Within its fortified walls, visitors amble along narrow, winding streets and explore the unique blend of baroque and Norman buildings. Culture enthusiasts applaud its wealth of historical lore, spanning from its establishment by Phoenicians to its involvement in the medieval era. From quiet, atmospheric courtyards to stunning palaces, the city is a living testament to Malta's rich history. Artisans’ shops selling handmade glasswork and silver filigree pepper the quiet alleys, adding an air of enchantment to this captivating town. The history, views, and serenity of Mdina make it an unmissable part of any trip to Malta.


11, Rabat

Rabat, located in the Northern Region of Malta, is an enchanting town celebrated for its rich historical and cultural prominence. Known for being right next to Mdina, a fortified city of silent streets that once served as Malta's capital, Rabat itself carries a colorful historical legacy, with its Roman villas, catacombs, and ancient churches. It is also famous for the Grotto of St. Paul, where it is believed that the saint found refuge during his shipwreck on Malta. Its traditional narrow streets, local markets, and aromatic Maltese cuisine make it a must-visit for travelers seeking a deep-dive into Malta's layered history and unique culture.


12, Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk, located in the southeastern part of Malta, is a quaint traditional fishing village known for its vibrantly colored, eye-catching Luzzu boats bobbing in the harbour. Best experienced on a leisurely Sunday, when the famed Marsaxlokk Fish Market is abuzz with activity. Here you’ll witness locals haggling over the freshest catch brought by fishermen just returning from the azure Mediterranean Sea. The village offers spectacular views, being fringed by crystal clear blue waters, while the shoreline is dotted with several top-quality fish restaurants serving traditional Maltese dishes. Marsaxlokk is also known for several popular sites including the imposing St. Peter's Pool, a natural swimming area etched out of the limestone rocks, and the Marsaxlokk Church, a beautiful Baroque architectural marvel dedicated to the Madonna of Pompeii.

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