Is Cospicua Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Cospicua is known for its friendly, close-knit community and very low level of crime. It is typically very safe for solo female travelers. Locals are used to tourists and are generally helpful. The local law enforcement agencies are reliable and extremely proactive in ensuring safety. It's always advised to follow regular travel precautions, but overall, the environment is considered to be very safe.

Safety rating

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How safe is Cospicua?

Safety at night:

Safety at night:Safe

Cospicua is generally safe to walk alone at night. Like any other city, it has areas that are busier and well-lit, and these are quite safe. Crime rates are relatively low and the locals are friendly. However, it's always recommended to be aware of your surroundings and follow standard safety precautions like avoiding deserted streets and alleys.
Public transportation:

Public transportation:Safe

Public transportation in Cospicua, is generally safe and reliable. The buses are on time and well-maintained, and the routes cover the most important parts of the city. However, as with any place, it's still necessary to remain vigilant and mindful of your surroundings, particularly during crowded times or late at night. Petty crimes like pickpocketing can still occur, although they are infrequent. On the whole, you should feel comfortable using public transportation in Cospicua.
Street harassment:

Street harassment:Low

Cospicua is generally a safe place for solo female travelers. Instances of street harassment are relatively low compared to other regions. However, like anywhere else, it's always important to be cautious and aware of your surroundings. Locals are usually helpful and polite.
Petty crimes:

Petty crimes:Low

Cospicua is generally a safe place to visit. Petty crimes such as pickpocketing and purse snatching do exist, but they are relatively low in frequency. It is mostly safe to walk around, even at night. However, it is always advisable to take basic safety precautions such as not displaying expensive items and being aware of your surroundings.
Tap water:

Tap water:Safe

Malta's tap water is generally safe to drink since it meets INCO regulations and WHO provisions. However, it tends to have a higher concentration of chlorine and minerals due to the country's desalination process. This might affect the taste of the water, making it a bit unpleasant for some, yet safe to consume. Always double-check with your accommodation or local authorities if you're unsure.

Is Cospicua safe to travel?

Is Cospicua safe right now?

Before your visit to Cospicua, it's essential to check travel advisories for Malta, including your home country's official travel advisory. These advisories can provide up-to-date information on safety, health, and any specific considerations for travelers.

United States Travel AdvisoryTake normal security precautions

The United States Government advises exercising normal precautions in Malta. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: July 26, 2023

Canada's Travel AdvisoryTake normal security precautions

The Canadian government advises taking normal security precautions in Malta. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: June 4, 2024

Australia's Travel AdvisoryTake normal security precautions

The Australian government advises exercising normal safety precautions in Malta. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: March 21, 2024

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