Solo Female Travel in Sarria

Situated in the heart of Galicia, in northwestern Spain, Sarria is a town brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty. This charming town is renowned for being the most popular starting point for the Camino de Santiago - the famous pilgrimage route stretching across Spain. Sarria's picturesque old town, full of ancient stone streets, traditional Galician architecture, and centuries-old churches, stands as a testament to its rich history. Breathtaking views of the region's green landscapes can be enjoyed from the top of the town's fortified tower, while the local river provides excellent opportunities for fishing and other outdoor activities. With its welcoming locals, delightful gastronomy featuring Galician specialties, and numerous cultural attractions, Sarria offers an enchanting immersion into Spanish life and traditions.

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Safety:Very safe

Sarria is widely known to be quite safe for solo female travelers. The area is frequented by international visitors due to its location on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, encouraging a community that is open, friendly, and respectful towards travelers. Crime rates are generally low, however, as with any travel, it's wise to exercise normal precautions such as avoiding deserted areas at night and keeping your belongings secure.


Sarria is a relatively small town, so it's quite straightforward to navigate by foot. There is a very walkable city center with several amenities within reach. Speaking a bit of Spanish could be helpful, but locals are generally helpful and understanding. Please note that while certain areas might be hilly and somewhat challenging to walk, overall, it's fairly manageable.

Things to do:Interesting

Sarria is a charming town steeped in history, making it an interesting destination with plenty to do. It's a key stop on the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, where you can explore beautiful nature trails, encounter magnificent Spanish architecture like the Church of Santa Marina, and learn about its rich past in the local museums. Despite being a small town, it is known for a thriving local cuisine scene featuring Galician gastronomy. It might not offer the constant excitement of big city life, but still provides a valuable and serene experience which diversity could be enjoyed at its fullest at your own pace.

Food:Above average

Sarria is a charming town offering a variety of food that reflects the rich Spanish culinary culture. From traditional tapas and pintxos to fresh seafood dishes and delicious desserts, there's a great diversity in the food to explore. The local cuisine makes extensive use of locally sourced ingredients, offering a genuine taste of the region. Some dishes may be heavier on the meat, which could be a consideration for vegetarians or vegans. Nonetheless, the quality and freshness of the food are impressive.


Sarria, is moderately budget-friendly. It is cheaper compared to major cities like Madrid and Barcelona but slightly more expensive than other small towns. Accommodation and eating out can be done at a low-to-moderate cost. Walking the Camino de Santiago, an important local attraction, can be cost-effective because of the municipal albergues (hostels) along the route.

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