Is Fuerteventura Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Fuerteventura is generally considered safe for solo female travelers. The local community is welcoming and crime rates are usually low. However, like anywhere else, normal travel precautions should be taken. Be aware of your surroundings, especially at night or when visiting less crowded areas. Unwanted attention or pickpocketing can occur, so it's wise to remain vigilant.

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How safe is Fuerteventura?

Safety at night:

Safety at night:Safe

Fuerteventura, is generally safe for a solo female traveler, even at night. It's a popular tourist destination with a low crime rate. The locals are usually friendly and willing to help if needed. However, as with any travel, it's always advisable to stay alert and to stick to well-lit and populous areas at night. Mass transit and taxis are widely available for late-night travel needs.
Public transportation:

Public transportation:Safe

Public transportation in Fuerteventura is generally regarded as safe. Buses or 'guaguas' as they are locally known are reliable, usually clean and well-maintained. The drivers are friendly and there is usually a good atmosphere on board. Be prepared though, as they can get a little crowded during peak season or certain times of day.
Street harassment:

Street harassment:Low

Fuerteventura, a part of Spain’s Canary Islands, is generally considered safe for solo female travelers. Street harassment isn't a significant concern here compared to other places. While the occasional cat-call or inappropriate comment may occur, such instances are comparatively rare and not representative of the majority of experiences. As with any destination, it's crucial to stay aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts.
Petty crimes:

Petty crimes:Low

Fuerteventura, part of the Canary Islands in Spain, is generally a safe destination with low incidents of petty crimes. While like any tourist area there is some risk, such as pickpocketing or bag snatching, it's lower than in many other larger cities or tourist destinations. Staying aware of your surroundings and taking basic precautions like not leaving valuables in plain sight should help ensure a safe trip.
Tap water:

Tap water:Moderate

In Fuerteventura, tap water is not really recommended for consumption. Although it's technically safe to drink because it meets health standards, the taste is not very pleasant due to high mineral content, specifically calcium and magnesium. It is generally used for cooking and washing. For drinking, it is advisable to purchase bottled water, which is easily accessible and quite affordable.

Is Fuerteventura safe to travel?


ilari (14)


Solo travel experience

I felt very safe in Fuerteventura. I was there on my own without any friends. Then, I made friends quite quickly. I rented a hotel with a superb pool. The food was amazing. The beaches were wonderful. I also rented a car.

Posted: April 20, 2024Experienced: March, 2011
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Is Fuerteventura safe right now?

Before your visit to Fuerteventura, it's essential to check travel advisories for Spain, including your home country's official travel advisory. These advisories can provide up-to-date information on safety, health, and any specific considerations for travelers.

United States Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

The United States Government advises exercising increased caution in Spain due to terrorism and civil unrest. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: July 26, 2023

Canada's Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

The Canadian Government advises exercising a high degree of caution in Spain due to the threat of terrorism. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: May 6, 2024

Australia's Travel AdvisoryTake normal security precautions

The Australian Government advises to exercise normal safety precautions in Spain. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: April 18, 2024

Is Fuerteventura worth visiting?

Group travel experience

Fuerteventura is a small country, but trust me when I tell you u are going to fall in love with their mindset. They don’t care who you are, what do you do for job, you skin color ecc. and you are going to feel so welcomed

Posted: December 11, 2023
Things to do: 5/5Food: 3/5Budget-friendly: 5/5Safety: 5/5
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Hi 👋🏽 I'm eliziane and originally I come from Brazil but o grown up in Italy. I'm living in Fuerteventura since 2014 and I can speak Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French and English.


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