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Lanzarote, an alluring island situated in the Canary Archipelago, off the coast of West Africa, is a treasured part of Spain's diverse cultural and natural portfolio. The island is best known for its spectacular volcanic landscapes, enchanting beaches, and the surreal beauty of Timanfaya National Park. Dotted with César Manrique's spellbinding art and architecture, Lanzarote boasts of a captivating blend of culture and nature. Whether you wish to explore the awe-inspiring lava fields and volcanic craters, relax at the sublime beaches of Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise, navigate through the Green Caves, or visit the prosperous vineyards in the La Geria wine region, the celestial charm of Lanzarote guarantees an unforgettable travel experience.

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Is Lanzarote good for solo travel?



Lanzarote boasts a low crime rate and locals are friendly and helpful to tourists. It maintains a strong police presence that conducts regular patrols, ensuring a secure environment. Numerous safe transportation options, including scheduled buses, reputable taxi services and vehicle rental companies are available. It's recommended to stay alert when visiting crowded areas, but generally, Lanzarote is very safe for solo female travelers.


Getting around Lanzarote is relatively easy. The island isn't very large, which makes the distances between different points of interest fairly manageable. There are numerous transport options available including buses, taxis, and car rental services. While the bus system is quite extensive and affordable, they might not go to every tourist destination. Car rental is a good option for more flexibility, however, navigating unfamiliar roads can be a bit challenging. Overall, with a bit of planning, you should have a comfortable experience.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Lanzarote has plenty to offer in terms of diversity and uniqueness. It boasts distinct natural landscapes including volcanic landscapes, the black sand beaches, underwater caves, and beautiful vineyards. The island is also dotted with art works and architecture by Cesar Manrique, an artist native to the island. For active travelers, there are opportunities for hiking, diving and surfing. However, if you're the type of traveler who prefers vibrant nightlife or a bustling city ambiance, Lanzarote might not meet those expectations. Overall, it's a haven for those interested in nature, arts and outdoor activities.

Food:Above average

Lanzarote enjoys a variety of delectable, fresh seafood and traditional Spanish dishes. Local cuisine includes paella, tapas and Canarian specialties such as 'papas arrugadas' (wrinkly potatoes). For adventurous foodies, you can explore exotic dishes made from local produce. However, there can be a dearth of global foods. But overall it's enjoyable and worth a try for culinary explorers.


Lanzarote requires a moderate budget for a comfortable tour. While there are options for affordable accommodations and eateries, various activities, such as visiting Timanfaya National Park, touring wineries, or indulging in water sports, can potentially inflate your expenses. Public transport is quite efficient, but if you're looking to explore lesser-known corners, car rentals are suggested, thus adding to the overall cost. Nonetheless, there are ways to make your trip economical with a bit of careful planning and exploring.

Is Lanzarote worth visiting?


Abade (35)


Solo travel experience

Lanzarote felt safe as a whole and seems like a place that is still keen on tourists. People are friendly, but not intrusive. I got to do some hiking, a lot of sunbathing and some swimming. And a lot of sightseeing. Everything is very close to everything else, since it's a pretty small island. Some of the highlights were the Montañas del Fuego and the hike to Caldera Blanca, the Mirador del Charco Verde, la playa de Papagayo (a natural reserve and you have to pay a small fee to get in), Jameos del Aqua, Mirador del Rio and the brilliant beach at the end of Camino de Los Graciosos. My advice is to rent a car, I felt like it was the best decision I could make both for feeling safer and for getting around real easily. It's not too expensive and I actually got an electric car and found places to charge it. (but it's best to be able to charge it overnight at your acommodation - that way you'll really have no worries regardless of how much you want to travel). The busses I needed to get to and from the airport weren't too reliable (one of them had a half an hour delay and there was one traveling each hour), so I might have been unlucky but wouldn't really recommend it. There are a lot of options for tours that also include getting you around the island if you'd rather do that. Many options for snorkeling, diving, surfing. I spent the day of arrival and before departure in playa Honda, which was very close to the airport - great for an overnight stay and watching the airplanes landing so close to the beach, but the noise might become too much if you spend more days here. For the rest of the trip I found a spot in Montana Blanca, which is approximately the center of the island. OH and if you want to do a deep dive into the history/culture of Timanfaya and its area there are free guided walking tours happening every week you can find the details on the site of the Parque Nacional Timanfaya - the spots are limited so book yours way in advance (I tried to one week before my trip and there were no spots available). The food is pretty good but the only one that stood out was El Boqueron De Plata Arte Y Pasion. Really didn't seem inviting just looking at it, but the Google reviews are right: they serve really good food.

Posted: December 8, 2023Experienced: October, 2023
Things to do: 5/5Food: 4/5Budget-friendly: 3/5Safety: 5/5
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Solo travel experience

Itinerary: Playa Papagayo Playa de la Mujeres La Graciosa Timanfaya National Park Charco de los Clicos Los Hervideros Jameos de Agua Cueva de los Verdes Playa del Caletón Blanco Puerto del Carmen Caleta de Famara - surf beach Things to do: Timanfaya National Park is a bus tour around the volcano of 1 hour Cueva de los Verdes is a guided tour of 50 minutes in which you will walk for 1 km in the underground passage of the volcano Budget: My advice is to rent a car for the entire trip Restaurant: Restaurant El Charcon - Arrieta Majo Picón - Tinajo

Posted: August 22, 2022
Things to do: 5/5Food: 5/5Budget-friendly: 5/5Safety: 5/5
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