Solo Female Travel in Sao Miguel

Sao Miguel, Portugal, located in the Azores archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, is known as the "Green Island" due to its vibrant landscapes of verdant pastures, crater lakes, scenic seacoasts, and hot springs. The island impressively combines cosmopolitan city life in the capital, Ponta Delgada, with numerous natural attractions. Sao Miguel is renowned for its beautiful 18th-century architecture, botanical gardens, and the enchanting Sete Cidades twin lakes. The rich marine life, including various species of whales and dolphins, promises unforgettable whale-watching experiences. For food lovers, local Azorean culinary delights are a feast not to be missed, accentuating the charm of this island getaway.

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Is Sao Miguel good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Sao Miguel, is known for being a safe and welcoming place for solo female travelers. The crime rate is low and the locals are known for their friendliness and hospitality. It’s relatively easy to get around, with efficient public transports and numerous well-organized tours. However, like with any destination, it is advisable to take general safety precautions such as not walking alone late at night in unfamiliar areas, keeping your valuables secured, and staying alert to your surroundings.


Traversing Sao Miguel is of moderate difficulty. The island has a diverse supply of travel options ranging from public transportation to rentals, catering to various preferences and budgets. However, some remote locations may be hard to reach, and language barriers can occasionally create confusion. Having a map or a GPS is quite beneficial, especially for navigating rural areas. Check local transport schedules regularly to avoid disruptions in your travel plans.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Sao Miguel is indeed packed with many impressive attractions and activities, tailored to fit a varied array of interests. You'll have a vast range of outdoor and nature-based experiences - from exploring the stunning azure and green lakes at Sete Cidades, relaxing in geothermal hot springs, hiking around beautiful craters, to whale and dolphin watching in the Atlantic ocean. The island's rich history is also visible through charming villages, well-preserved traditional houses, tea plantations, and pineapple farms. Even though it doesn't have big city attractions, the island's natural beauty, coupled with its unique culinary delights and laid-back lifestyle, is enough to keep any solo traveler pleasantly busy.

Food:Above average

The fare in Sao Miguel spans a broad range from traditional Portuguese cuisine to diverse choices from around the globe. As a solo female traveler, you will particularly appreciate the fresh seafood, homemade cheeses, and the locally grown fruits and vegetables that speak their unique language of flavor. The island's volcanic soil adds an earthy depth to its produce. Local bakeries serve the delicious 'Bolo Lêvedo', a typical sweet bread, which is not to be missed. However, vegan and vegetarian options might be slightly limited which prevents a full score.


Sao Miguel offers a reasonable cost for a European destination. Accommodations and food expenditures are moderate, but you may find experiences such as guided tours and thermal pools slightly expensive. Local transportation is affordable and it's beneficial to have your own vehicle for exploring. It's not the cheapest destination but it's definitely possible to make it work on a medium budget.

Is Sao Miguel worth visiting?

Solo travel experience

Island of São Miguel in Azores is the perfect place for a first solo travel! It’s absolutely safe and there is a lot of nature so you have the space and privacy to explore by yourself. The island is small so you can easily get around and there is a lot to do! Hot springs, whale watching, hikes, amazing landscapes and food I considered it very cheap. I spend 650€ for a week there including the flight, hostel, food, activities and the car rental (the most expensive part because I got full insurance, if not it would have been much cheaper). I recommend going to Sete Cidades, Gorreana Plantation, Parque Terra Nostra, Poça Dona Beja, Caldeira Velha between many stops along the way to find many “Easter eggs” 😊 P.s. I also recommend going to sete cidades in the first day just in case you can’t see the lakes, so that you might have the chance to go back there some other time

Posted: February 16, 2024
Things to do: 5/5Food: 5/5Budget-friendly: 5/5Safety: 5/5
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