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Located in northern Peru, Piura is a captivating city recognized as one of the oldest Spanish settlements in South America. Famous for its vibrant traditional culture, sun-baked landscapes, and pinkish sunsets, Piura offers a unique mix of Peru's rich past and lively present. The city is known for its gastronomic delicacies like "ceviche de conchas negras" (black shell ceviche) and the sweet local drink called "chicha de jora." Piura is also the gateway to picturesque beach towns like Mancora and Punta Sal, making it a significant spot for surfers. Its warm climate, artistic potteries, and beautiful colonial architecture make Piura an irresistible magnet for travelers yearning to explore the less touristy areas of Peru.

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Piura presents a moderate level of safety for solo female travelers. While Piura is generally peaceful with friendly locals, it's crucial to practice due vigilance. Avoid isolated areas, especially after dark, as pickpocketing or petty crime can occur. Also, always keep a close watch on your personal belongings and carry only necessary items. Using reliable transportation and not flashing expensive items can further enhance your safety. Do prioritise learning a few phrases in Spanish to ask for help if needed. It is also recommended to inform somebody, like hotel staff, about your travel plans just in case.


Navigating Piura can be medium-challenging. The city isn't vast, but public transportation can be a bit complex. However, locals are generally friendly and willing to help. As a solo woman traveler, you may require a little extra caution, especially in less crowded areas. Remember, the key to easy navigation in any new place is research, preparation, and alertness.

Things to do:Moderate

Piura offers a decent balance between engaging activities and relaxed downtime. It's home to many beautiful beaches ideal for surfing and sunbathing. The city itself has a rich history and diverse cultural, reflected in its architecture, museums, and art galleries. Catacaos town, in particular, is well-known for its crafts, silverworks, and gastronomy. However, beyond the beaches and cultural spots, the city may lack in variety for those seeking a higher level of outdoor adventure or nightlife.

Food:Above average

Piura offers an enticing culinary landscape that is both diverse and delectable. Here, a gamut of traditional Peruvian dishes can be relished. Specialties include dishes based on seafood, rice and beans, making their food scene an exciting one for gastronomes. There's always something to please any kind of palate. However, vegetarian options can sometimes be limited. The street food too beckons with local items like ceviche and tamales. Desserts, particularly refreshing fruit ice-creams, are a must-try. Overall, the food experience in Piura is quite rewarding.


Piura is relatively budget-friendly, especially for those adept at thrifty living. Public transportation, local food, and accommodations are generally affordable. However, prices can escalate for high-end experiences, activities, or hotels. The cost of living and traveling expenses are considerably lower in comparison to many Western countries.

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