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David, the capital city of Chiriquí Province in western Panama, is a bustling regional hub known for its agricultural prowess and rich biodiversity. Nestled by the Pacific Ocean and situated near the fertile foothills of Baru Volcano, it is one of Panama's largest cities outside of the Metropolis. David is renowned for its vibrant local markets selling a variety of fresh produce, meat, and seafood, reflecting its proud agricultural tradition. It serves as an extraordinary base for exploring the surrounding highlands, including the cloud forests of Boquete and the beautiful sandy shores of Playa Barqueta. David is recognized for its blend of modern amenities and old-world charm, embodied in its colonial-era buildings, colorful street art, and culinary delights.

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Hello, I'm Lía (Lee-ah). I want to visit Israel soon that is why I joined, to meet locals, travellers and also willing to do the same in my country. God is very important to me, I believe in Jesus. I share about him with my regular experiences in life and also trough what I know about the Bible. I enjoy very much fast paced conversations in different languages I know and translating simultaneously, it only happened once but I love it. So feel free to chat with me if you want to learn spanish, I have a sincere interest in teaching people, it comes from the heart. I am learning hebrew currently ♡ הטוב ביותר שפה. Love my mother, dogs and cats. Study agromical engeneering, growing food :)

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