Is Panama City Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Panama City is generally safe but it's important to exercise normal precautions, especially in crowded places and at night. The region boasts a developed infrastructure, somewhat greater stability compared to other Latin American cities, and has friendly locals. However, there can be areas of poverty where crime rates are higher. Always, trust your instincts, avoid less crowded and poorly lit areas, and keep your belongings secure at all times.

Safety rating

3.5 /5

Based on research and crime data

Safety overview

Safety at night:Moderate

Panama City has areas that are safe and others that are less so, like any large urban area. As a solo female traveler, it's advised not to walk alone at night in unfamiliar areas or less-traveled streets. Stick to well-populated areas such as Casco Viejo and Panama Viejo which are frequently patrolled by the local police. Always stay alert, be aware of your surroundings and avoid displaying expensive items to reduce any potential risks.

Public transportation: Safe

Public transportation in Panama City is generally safe. However, like anywhere else, it's suggested to pay attention to surroundings and practice basic safety measures. During the daytime, the metro and city buses are quite reliable and well-policed. Taxis and Uber options are also convenient and safe to use. However, avoid non-registered taxis. At night, it's recommended to use taxicab service or Uber for a safer journey.

Street harassment: Low

Street harassment in Panama City is relatively low. Most residents are rather respectful, and it is generally considered a safe city for solo women travelers. However, as with any location, it's always advised to be cautious, especially during late hours and in less crowded areas. Using common sense and following general safety precautions, such as avoiding isolated areas late at night, should help you avoid most potential issues.

Petty crimes:Moderate

Panama City, being a bustling urban area, does experience a moderate amount of petty crime. Pick-pocketing and bag-snatching are not uncommon, particularly in crowded areas, tourist locations, or on public transportation. However, by taking standard security measures, such as not displaying valuable items, you can largely reduce the risk of falling victim to these crimes.

Tap water:Safe

In Panama City, the tap water is generally considered safe to drink as it is well treated and tested. However, as with any travel, there can always be slight risks and changes in water that your system is not used to. Therefore, the use of bottled water or a good water filter for more sensitive systems or for prolonged stays is suggested.

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