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Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Gouda is a captivating city in the province of South Holland. It's famously known throughout the world for its namesake Gouda cheese, which is celebrated annually at the city's historic cheese market. Gouda's charm is amplified by its picturesque 15th-century town hall, which rests in the middle of the city square surrounded by quaint cafes and shops. Enriched with an omnipresent medieval atmosphere, the city is also highly esteemed for its illustrious stained glass windows at Sint-Janskerk, the longest church in the Netherlands and a designated Dutch national monument. Whether you are consequentially passionate about art, history, or gastronomy, Gouda is sure to offer an unforgettable Dutch experience.

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Is Gouda good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Gouda is a safe city for solo female travelers. This quaint city is known for its friendly locals, well-lit streets, and reliable public transportation system. Its relative small size makes it easy to navigate, and the local police have a good reputation for responsiveness. However, like all locations, it is essential to keep up with common travel safety practices such as not displaying valuables, being aware of your surroundings, and using official taxi services where necessary.


Gouda is quite manageable for a solo female traveler. The town is small enough to easily navigate on foot, and the local people are friendly and generally able to communicate in English, making it easier for foreigners to ask for directions or help if needed. However, the signs and maps may be initially confusing due to the use of Dutch language. Biking is another popular and convenient method of transportation.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Gouda is a charming city adorned with picturesque canals, a stunning market square, and historic architecture. It is renowned for its cheeses, the striking Cheese Market being a must-visit for any food aficionado. The city also offers an impressive selection of boutique shops, galleries, and antique stores. Sightseeing options include the towering Gothic-style Gouda City Hall and the beautiful St. John's Church, known for its stained-glass windows. If you're seeking tranquility, venture into the nearby meadows and polders. Despite being small, the city presents a surprisingly diverse array of activities catering to different interests.

Food:Above average

Gouda offers a good variety of food ranging from traditional Dutch food to international cuisine. The highlight is, of course, the town's famous cheese but there's more to enjoy. While vegan or gluten-free options might be less numerous, they can be found with some scouting. Visiting the local market can also be an interesting culinary experience. The quality of the food is usually high and the services are typically very friendly.


Gouda is moderately budget-friendly for solo female travelers. Accommodation and eating options range from budget to luxury, allowing you to adjust the cost of your trip according to your budget. Interestingly, many attractions like the famous cheese market, City Hall and churches have little or no entrance fee, thus enabling you to absorb Gouda's culture without spending much. However, keep in mind that transport and some activities can add up, particularly if you plan to explore beyond the city.

Is Gouda worth visiting?


Diane (30)


Solo travel experience

Gouda is a beautiful little city. Famous for the cheese, kaas, and siroopwaffels, with a lovely market. It has a beautiful 15th centuary town square, with the town hall, church with gorgeous stained glass windows, and a great museum. It's not crazy busy or touristy, it's just a wonderful little dutch city to wonder through and relax.

Posted: September 11, 2023Experienced: May, 2023
Things to do: 3/5Food: 4/5Budget-friendly: 4/5Safety: 5/5
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Meet locals in Gouda

Meet local women in Gouda who are open to meet up for a coffee or a drink, show you around, give local advice or practice a language with.


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Hi! I'm Diane, from Canada. I was a Chef/baker, but I quit my job, moved to Europe, to race bicycles! I'm trying to become a pro. I will happily cook you a meal for hosting me. I love to learn about culture, especially through food.

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About Me

Hi, My name is Linde and I'm interested in animals, backpacking, camping, boozing, events & social, hiking, rafting, shopping and sightseeing


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Local tips

It is a lovely small city. The city centre is very cozy & the main place is beautiful with a lot of restaurants to get a drink. Some nice coffee places in side streets. Kind people - make sure to try a fresh ‘stroopwafel’ or Gouda cheeese :)

Posted: October 28, 2023
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