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Umag is a stunning coastal city situated on the west coast of Istria in Croatia, known for its compelling historical narratives, beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, and delicate gastronomy. Often referred to as a gateway to Croatia from Western Europe, this awe-inspiring city is steeped in history with roots dating back to Roman-era. It is recognized for its terracotta-roofed old town, beautiful pebble beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters that sparkle under the sunlight, provides a natural allure which draws travelers in, but it's the city's prominent role as a sports centre, being the host of the famous ATP Croatia Open tennis tournament, that keeps enthusiasts coming back for more. Whether meandering down the charming old town with narrow, winding streets, savouring delicious Istrian truffles, or enjoying watersports in the clear Adriatic Sea, Umag promises an enchanting experience that never fails to delight its visitors.

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Safety:Very safe

Umag, typically offers a safe environment for solo female travelers. The local people are generally friendly and welcoming, with a low overall crime rate. However, like any travel destination, it's always essential to remain observant, use common sense and caution in crowded areas or when out late at night to avoid any potential minor incidents.


Umag is a moderately sized city, and most attractions are within walking distance. While public transportation is available, it's often more convenient and enjoyable to explore the city on foot. However, for longer trips or a visit to the countryside, you might have to rely on taxis or vehicle rentals. Always plan your day ahead to ensure a smooth travel experience. The city is safe, well-lit, and the locals are friendly, even to solo female travelers.

Things to do:Interesting

Umag is a beautiful coastal town perfect for those who love the beach, water sports, and historical attractions. The stunning Adriatic coastline offers an array of water activities such as swimming, sailing, and fishing. For history enthusiasts, the town's cobbled streets, filled with ancient churches, charming squares, and well-preserved medieval buildings, offer plenty to explore. You can also enjoy local gastronomic delights in the numerous restaurants and cafes. Nightlife is quieter but there are options for those looking for a sophisticated evening. The town is relatively small, hence it might not offer as many activities as larger cities, but it ensures a tranquil, relaxed vacation overall.

Food:Above average

Umag boasts a unique blend of authentic Croatian cuisine, especially a sea food and taste of Italian influence due to its geographical proximity. There's an impressive array of seafood, and you'll love the local dishes such as Istrian stew and truffle pasta. Vegans and vegetarians have slightly fewer options, but can still find places to eat. You might also get to enjoy a variety of internationally-influenced foods due to the touristy nature of the area.


Umag provides a good balance in terms of budget-friendly travel. While it's not the cheapest destination, it offers a good range of affordable accommodation options and reasonably priced food. Furthermore, many of the town's attractions, including stunning beaches and historical sites, are free to explore. However, certain activities and upscale dining can add up, so wise spending is advised.

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