Solo Female Travel in Motovun

Located in the central part of Istria, Croatia, Motovun is a captivating and picturesque medieval hilltop town, known for its unique, panoramic views of the extraordinary landscapes, and lush vineyards. This mystical city resting above the Mirna River is famous for being the host of the annual international Motovun Film Festival that attracts cinema lovers from all around the world. Its truffle culinary delights are a gastronomic adventure you wouldn't want to miss. Fall in love with Motovun’s narrow streets, gothic architecture, the remarkable parish Church of St. Stephen, and the vast forest that whispers the ancient stories of this enchanting Croatian gem.

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Safety:Very safe

Motovun embodies a peaceful, slow-paced small-town charm, which makes it an excellent choice for solo female travelers. The locals are friendly and used to tourists, often willing to help should you need any. The town is easy to navigate and crime rates are very low, so instances of pickpocketing or other travel scams are rare. Also, the presence of local authorities adds to the overall atmosphere of safety. It is suggested, though, like with any location, maintain sensible precautions such as respecting local customs, refraining from flashing valuable items and avoiding deserted places late at night.


Motovun, as a small and compact town, is relatively easy to navigate and explore. Most attractions, eateries, and shops are within walking distance of each other, reducing the need for public transportation. The town is built on a hill, so it does involve some strenuous walking and climbing, which might pose a challenge for some. Despite this, its size and layout make it an approachable location for the independent traveler.

Things to do:Interesting

Motovun is quite intriguing in terms of activities, offering a unique blend of historical and nature-oriented experiences for its visitors. The medieval hilltop town is steeped in charm and culture, perfect for those interested in architecture and history. You can explore various medieval structures, winding streets, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mirna River Valley. Nearby truffle hunting and wine tasting opportunities add extra allure for food lovers. While the town itself is small leading to limited activities, the authentic experiences it offers are unparalleled, making it a great destination for solo female travellers who appreciate history and nature.

Food:Above average

The gastronomic scene in Motovun is quite impressive with an enjoyable blend of classic Croatian dishes intertwined with Istrian truffle-infused variations that are sure to delight any palette. Add to this the breathtaking scenic views which accompany most eateries, the experience becomes an intoxication of the senses that could make any gourmand's heart flutter. Still, there could be a bit more diversity and options for those seeking international cuisine.


Motovun offers moderate pricing. You can find affordable accommodations and food options, especially if you venture to local places away from the touristy areas. However, some activities like truffle hunting tours and wine tastings might push your budget a bit. Be sure to plan ahead and manage your finances wisely during your travels.

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