Best Places in Israel for Solo Female Travel

Tel Aviv-Yafo

1, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv-Yafo, often simply known as Tel Aviv, rests on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, a vibrant cosmopolitan hub renowned for its rich blend of contemporary zest and cultural heritage. Known as the "city that never stops," it is a bustling epicenter of art, culture, and nightlife, boasting an array of high-end boutiques, top-rated restaurants, and an extensive line-up of stylish cafes and bars. Tel Aviv-Yafo is also hailed for its UNESCO-recognized Bauhaus architecture, impressive cultural institutions like the Eretz Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the historic neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, and its lively Carmel Market. With its collection of golden sandy beaches, it offers an ideal destination for sun-seekers and watersports enthusiasts alike. It's a city that perfectly balances the old with the new, from the ancient port city of Jaffa (Yafo, in Hebrew) with its spellbinding charm to the modern skyline dominated by gleaming skyscrapers.


2, Jerusalem

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Jerusalem, Israel's largest city, boasts an enchanting blend of ancient history, spiritual sanctity, and contemporary culture. Known for its unique fusion of religious backgrounds, Jerusalem magnificently cradles revered holy sites such as the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. It's a city where ancient walls hold untold stories, bustling markets echo with diverse languages, and where antiquity resonates in every narrow cobblestone alley. Moreover, the city's vibrant culinary scene, compelling museums, like the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, and the dynamic cultural milieu only add to its multifaceted persona. Jerusalem undoubtedly provides an immersive experience that consumes all the senses, making it a must-visit destination for explorers from around the globe.


3, Eilat

Eilat, located at the southernmost tip of Israel, stands majestically on the coast of the Red Sea. Known for its spectacular underwater world, the city is a paradise for divers and adventures seekers. It's home to the globally renowned Coral Beach Nature Reserve, teeming with vibrant marine life and stunning coral reefs. The city's coastal strip naturally transforms into bustling promenades lined with luxury resorts, beaches, bars, and restaurants offering a unique culinary delight, making it a perfect relaxation and entertainment destination. The city is also popular for the majestic Dolphin Reef where visitors can swim with dolphins, the Eilat Mountains for hiking, and Timna Park’s ancient rock formations, reinforcing its reputation as an attractive, year-round holiday spot. The city's warm climate even during the winter has made it a sought-after international tourist destination.

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Rosh Pina

4, Rosh Pina

Rosh Pina, a charming hilltop town located in the Upper Galilee region of Northern Israel, is considered one of the oldest Zionist settlements in the country. An epitome of tranquility and rustic allure, this town is renowned for its artist colony, where houses have been transformed into galleries and studios showcasing a myriad of art forms. Visitors can wander through the cobblestone streets of the restored old quarter, relishing breathtaking views of the Hula Valley and snowcapped Mount Hermon. Also famous for its food scene, particularly the boutique wineries and local cuisine restaurants, Rosh Pina offers a delightful cultural and culinary experience.


5, Tiberias

Tiberias, located in northeast Israel, is a vibrant city known for its rich history and stunning natural beauty. Set on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, this city boasts a trove of archaeological treasures including the ancient Roman ruins such as Hamat Tiberias, a string of remarkable centuries-old hot springs that were once a key part of Roman life. Tiberias' main claim to fame, however, is its prominence in Jewish tradition, recognised as one of Judaism's Four Holy Cities. The city is a pilgrimage destination for devout Jews who visit the tomb of revered Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes. Offering a captivating blend of natural beauty, ancient history, and religious significance, Tiberias is a must-visit destination while in Israel.


6, Safed

Safed, officially known as Tsfat, is a charming city located in Northern Israel, nestled in the mountains of the Upper Galilee region. A historical city celebrated for its mystical and spiritual atmosphere, Safed is renowned worldwide for being one of Judaism's Four Holy cities, playing a significant role in Jewish religious history, especially Kabbalah. The city blends its rich past with a thriving artistic community, home to cobblestone alleyways lined with art galleries, handicraft shops, and ancient synagogues. In addition, it's known for its inspiring panoramic views from its high-altitude vantage point, overlooking the Sea of Galilee. The annual Klezmer Festival, showcasing Jewish music and attracting tourists globally, offers an engaging cultural immersion experience. Whether you're a history enthusiast, art lover, or simply in search of tranquil beauty, Safed provides a unique travel opportunity that truly allows you to step back into time while engaging with lively artistic expressions.


7, Nazareth

Nazareth, known as the 'Arab Capital of Israel', is nestled in the heart of the Lower Galilee region, Northern Israel. It radiates immense historical and religious significance being the hometown of Jesus Christ, making it a prominent pilgrimage site for Christian devotee worldwide. The city is famed for its must-visit attractions such as the Basilica of the Annunciation, revered as one of Christianity's most holy shrines, and the ancient Nazareth Village that transports visitors back to the time of Jesus with its preserved first-century farm and village. The vibrant local markets, traditional Arab hospitality, along with a synthesis of divine experiences, make Nazareth an irresistible blend of Middle Eastern charm and cultural richness.


8, Nahariya

Nahariya, the northernmost coastal city in Israel, is an enchanting destination known for both its tranquil charm and historical extrinsic. Just 30 km north of Acre, it seamlessly blends modern urban living with the majestic beauty of untouched nature, making it an appealing location for tourists and locals alike. Nahariya is famous for its pristine sandy beaches, the picturesque Promenade along the city's coastline, and the intriguing Museum of the Jewish Resistance during WWII. Additionally, nearby attractions like the Rosh HaNikra grottoes, a system of limestone caves on the coast, adds to the city's allure. The city is also known for its vibrant street art, bustling markets, and a mix of Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine that caters to every palate. Nahariya offers a unique blend of leisure and culture that creates an unparalleled travel experience.


9, Acre

Acre, locally known as Akko, is a historic cityport positioned along the northern coastal part of Israel, touching the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it's famed for its well-preserved old walled city whose roots are traced back to the Phoenician period. This city spirals tales of ancient past through its remarkable Crusader structures, subterranean cities, bustling markets, and Ottoman-era landmarks. Marvel at the impressive Knights' Halls, stroll through the colourful shuks (markets) filled with tantalizing local cuisines, or visit the famous Al-Jazzar Mosque, one of the few remnants of the Ottoman era. Enveloped in history, Acre offers a captivating blend of Israeli and Arabic cultures just waiting to be explored.


10, Haifa

Haifa, the third-largest city in Israel and nestling on the resplendent Mediterranean coastline, is an intriguing blend of modernity, history, and natural beauty. Renowned for its ethereal Baha'i Gardens - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it cascades from summit to base of Mount Carmel. Haifa is also celebrated for the Carmel National Park, the largest in Israel, providing fascinating forest treks, and a cable car ride offering sweeping city views. The Stella Maris Monastery, the German Colony with its Templar-style buildings, the educational National Maritime Museum, and the picturesque Carmel Beach enhance the city’s diverse allure. Offering a multicultural blend of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities, Haifa stands as an emblem of harmony and co-existence.


11, Caesarea

Caesarea, located on Israel's mesmerizing Mediterranean coastline, halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa, is a treasure of ancient splendor and modern luxury. Known for being the site where King Herod constructed a large port city during the Roman rule, Caesarea is a place where history comes alive amidst stunning architectures and grounds teeming with ancient artefacts. Visitors revel in touring the Caesarea National Park, which is home to impressive ruins of the ancient Roman city, including an amphitheater that hosts contemporary concerts, a hippodrome, and the underwater Archaeological Park, for scuba divers and snorkelers. The city also features exquisite beachfront homes, a world-class golf course, and high-end eateries, making it a perfect blend of antiquity, opulence, and natural beauty.


12, Hadera

Hadera is a vibrant city located on the coastal plain in the northern district of Israel. Sandwiched between Haifa and Tel Aviv, it boasts a harmonious blend of rich history and cultural festivities. The city's picturesque, sandy beaches offer a respite from the busy city life and provide visitors a touch of serenity, while its Rothschild Park, dotted with eucalyptus trees, is a signature green retreat for nature enthusiasts. Hadera is most renowned for Orot Rabin, the largest power plant in Israel, and its innovative desalination plant. Its bustling marketplaces teem with local produce, not forgetting its mouth-watering Middle Eastern cuisine that is a must-try for any traveler visiting the area.


13, Arad

Located in the exotic landscapes of Southern Israel, near the hauntingly beautiful Dead Sea, Arad is a charming city immersed in rich history and diverse culture. Known for its healthful climate and high altitude, Arad is often praised as a therapeutic place, pulling in health tourists from around the globe. The compelling city offers pristine views of the Negev and Judean deserts and is the gateway to the World Heritage site of Masada and the mesmerizing Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. With a potpourri of activities ranging from desert and historical tours, adventure sports, culinary delights to art and cultural exhibits, Arad substantiates an eclectic blend of adrenaline rush and tranquility.


14, Netanya

Netanya is a lively coastal city located in the northern central district of Israel, overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its exquisite beaches, Netanya offers about 14 kilometers of sandy coastal stretch, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and watersports. This vibrant city is a hub for fun-filled outdoor activities such as paragliding and cliff-side walks. The city is also home to significant historical and cultural attractions, including the Well House showcasing agricultural lifestyle of its first settlers and the beautifully crafted mosaic artwork of the Tractor’s History Museum. The bustling market in the City Center and the Diamond Center, exhibiting the delicate art of diamond cutting, add to Netanya's diverse charm.


15, Herzliya

Herzliya, located in the central district of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea coastline, is known for its upscale ambiance and beautiful coastline. As a popular vacation destination, it is renowned for a combination of modern extravagance and rich history. Herzliya is famous for its luxurious marina, one of the largest in the country, which includes a shopping mall and a variety of fine dining options. Sightseers can relish in a visit to the Apollonia National Park where the preserved remains of a Crusader town are found. This affluent city also houses numerous high-tech companies and is frequently referred to as Israel's Silicon Valley.

Bat Yam

16, Bat Yam

Bat Yam, a vibrant city in Israel, is located on the country's Mediterranean Sea coastline, south of Tel Aviv. The city is best known for its glorious, sun-kissed beaches like the Bat Yam Beach, which offers stunning sea views and unforgettable sunset moments, making it a perfect getaway for sunbathing and water activities. The city also offers a rich cultural exploration through its remarkable theaters such as the Bat Yam Performing Arts Center, which hosts various entertaining performances. The diverse culinary scene, featuring both traditional Israeli food and international cuisine, is another highlight to explore when visiting Bat Yam.

Petah Tikva

17, Petah Tikva

Located in the central district of Israel, Petah Tikva, affectionally known as the "Mother of the Mosahavot," is a vibrant city filled with historical and cultural charm. Drenched in abundant Jewish heritage, Petah Tikva serves as a junction of ancient tradition and modern lifestyle. Known for its innovative high-tech industry, the city boasts a wealth of attractions such as, The Museum of Human Sciences and Environment showcasing archeological and historical artifacts, inviting park landscapes like Petah Tikva's Yarkon Park, the largest urban park spread over thousands of acres, and the bustling Petah Tikva Market filled with local products. Beyond its vibrant city life, Petah Tikva is home to top-tier medical facilities, making it a renowned hub for medical tourism.


18, Rehovot

Rehovot is a vibrant city in central Israel, approximately 20 kilometers south of Tel Aviv. Known as the "City of Science and Culture," it is the home to one of the world's leading scientific research institutions, the Weizmann Institute of Science. The neighbouring Faculty of Agriculture, affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Kaplan Medical Center further emphasize its importance as a scientific and medical research hub. Notably, the charming Rehovot downtown area is filled with shops, restaurants, and cafes, while the city's lush parks and the tranquil Ayalon Institute, a secret bullet factory from the British Mandate period, offer a glimpse into its rich history and natural beauty. Whether you're into science, history, or simply exploring a trendy downtown area, Rehovot offers an intriguing mix of each.


19, Ashdod

Ashdod, a captivating maritime city, rests nestled along the sun-kissed coastline of Israel, strategically situated approximately 32 kilometers south of Tel Aviv. Known for its vital Mediterranean seaport, Ashdod also lays claim to a rich multifaceted history stretching back to biblical times. Its beautiful sandy beaches beckon sun-seekers, while its vibrant cultural scene, including the Ashdod Museum of Art, entices history and art enthusiasts. Ashdod is equally renowned for its National Park, lush with a remarkable collection of archaeological sites. This enticing blend of relaxation opportunities, cultural offerings, and historical treasure makes Ashdod an engaging and multifaceted destination on Israel's enchanting maritime landscape.


20, Ashkelon

Ashkelon, located on the sparkling Mediterranean coast in the southern district of Israel, is a fascinating blend of ancient richness and modern vitality. Known as one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, this captivating locale boasts an impressive history dating back to the Neolithic Age. Today, Ashkelon beckons visitors with a host of appeals, from its stunning national park featuring remnants of historic walls, ancient buildings, and the oldest arch in the world, to a lush marina. Its white sandy beaches, wonderful Mediterranean climate, and the vibrant culinary scene further enhance Ashkelon's appeal. You can spend your day exploring numerous archaeological dig sites or relax at the Ashkelon Yam Park with its fascinating animal corners and spice garden. In summary, Ashkelon is a testament to Israel's rich history and lively present, promising dazzling experiences and moments to remember.

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