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Madinat Zayed, located in the heart of the majestic United Arab Emirates, is a spectacle of the Arabian charm loaded with a plethora of breathtaking sights and rich culture. Situated in the western region of Abu Dhabi, this largest town in the Al Gharbia region is best known for the grandeur of its striking sand dunes and distinctive Bedouin culture that never fails to impress. The city is home to various attractions like the renowned Madinat Zayed Shopping Center, famous for its gold market, and the celebrated Al Dhafra Festival, which celebrates the region's cultural heritage. An intriguing blend of traditional aesthetics and modern ambiances, Madinat Zayed offers you a glance at the classic Emirati lifestyle amid its modern institutions and sophisticated architecture. The city is truly an extraordinary travel gem nestled in the sands of time.

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Safety:Very safe

Madinat Zayed in United Arab Emirates is fairly safe for solo female travelers. The region is known for its considerable police presence, providing security, and the locals are generally courteous and respectful towards visitors. It's advisable though to dress modestly according to the local customs and avoid less crowded places late at night.


Although Madinat Zayed is a small city, it is fairly easy to navigate. It has a well-developed and efficient system of taxis, which can be hailed from the street or booked in advance. The city is also walkable, especially during the cooler months. However, public transport options are quite limited and most attractions might require a taxi ride. Overall, with a bit of planning, it is relatively straightforward to get around the city.

Things to do:Moderate

Madinat Zayed, located in the United Arab Emirates, offers a unique blend of a traditional shopping experience in its local markets, where gold, textiles, and local produce are in abundance. It is home to beautiful mosques, such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, known for its stunning architecture. The desert in the outskirts of the city provides opportunities for adventurous activities like dune bashing, camel riding or desert safaris. While Madinat Zayed isn't as bustling as Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it provides a unique look into Emirati culture and tradition, with enough activities to keep you engaged.


The food scene in Madinat Zayed, UAE, highly diverse, with an exciting blend of local and international cuisines. Traditional Emirati fare offers a delightful gastronomical exploration of the region's rich history. There's a charming fusion of luxurious restaurants and street food stalls, serving from perfectly seasoned grilled meats to decadent sweets. Varied influences from multiple cuisines, such as Indian, Persian, and even East Asian, make the gastronomy quite diverse. Don't miss trying the camel meat, saffron-infused dishes or the Arabic coffee for the sheer authenticity. However, being a small, developing city, some international cuisines might not be as extensively represented as in bigger UAE cities.


Madinat Zayed, UAE has a moderate affordability for solo female travelers. While it isn't the cheapest destination, it's possible to find budget-friendly options. Accommodation choices vary wildly in cost depending on your comfort needs. The food is also reasonably priced, especially if you enjoy local cuisines. The cost of attractions and transportation can add up but vary based on personal interests and travel style.

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