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Nestled in the southeastern part of Turkey, Kahramanmaras impresses travelers with its rich history and cultural landscape. This gem of the Mediterranean region is surrounded by natural wonders and breathtaking views, as it lies next to the enchanting Taurus Mountains and the fertile plains of Ceyhan River. Kahramanmaras is perhaps best known for two revered elements: its remarkable production of high-quality goldwork and textiles as well as being the birthplace of the world-renowned Maras ice cream. This Turkish delight has a unique flavor and tensile texture, offering an authentic taste of the area. Tourists can also explore historical sites such as the Kahramanmaras Castle, beautifully illustrating the city's ancient history, and panoramic views of the surrounding terrain.

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Is Kahramanmaras good for solo travel?



Kahramanmaras is generally safe for solo female travelers. Like anywhere, precautions should be taken especially during the night. The locals are welcoming and helpful, crime rate is low, and it's common for women to be out and about. Just remember to respect the local customs and traditions.


Navigating Kahramanmaras can be moderately easy. The city itself is relatively small so most places are within walking distance. It's also bustling with local taxis and buses. However, city signs and communication could pose a challenge as English is not widely spoken. Therefore, having a translation app would be handy.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Kahramanmaras offers a rich cultural experience. The city's history dates back to the Hittite Empire and it's home to well-preserved Ottoman-era houses and mosques. You can visit the Kahramanmaras Castle for panoramic city views or the Kahramanmaras Museum to explore the local archaeological finds. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the Yedikuyular Ski Center and the stunning Aksu River. The city is also famous for its uniquely flavored ice cream. There are plenty of traditional markets and good quality restaurants to further enrich your visit.

Food:Above average

Kahramanmaras offers an excellent array of local cuisines, presenting a delightful culinary journey. The city is famous for its ice cream, often viewed as the best in Turkey. In addition to this, there are varieties of kebabs, vegetable dishes, and regional desserts to savour. Fresh ingredients are a staple, and there's a certain hearty, home-made quality to many dishes. While there is less diversity when it comes to international cuisine, the local food scene truly shines.


Kahramanmaras in Turkey is quite budget-friendly, with affordable local cuisines, cheap transportation, and lower-priced accommodation options. You can enjoy the sights, such as the Kahramanmaras Castle and Kurtuluş Parkı for free. However, costs can increase if you choose high-end places to stay or eat.

Is Kahramanmaras worth visiting?

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