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Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Zug is a picturesque small city that sits on the northeastern shores of Lake Zug. Known for its tax haven status, it houses numerous multinational corporations, yet successfully retains a charming medieval atmosphere. The emblematic Zytturm clock tower offers breathtaking panoramic views, while its quaint car-free old town is adorned with beautifully preserved buildings dating back to the 15th century. The pristine, tranquil Lake Zug is the focal point for outdoor activities, with opportunities for boating, swimming, and sunset strolls. Overall, Zug successfully merges its vibrant economic hub with its Swiss traditions, natural beauty, and rich history, making it a must-visit destination.

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Safety:Very safe

Zug is a magnificent city in Switzerland that is known for its low crime rate and friendly residents. As a solo female traveler, you will feel incredibly secure navigating its scenic streets, both in the daytime and evenings. The locals are welcoming and generally speak good English, so you can always reach out for help when you need. Particular attention is given to public safety and police are reliable and reachable. However, as always, it’s advisable to practice standard safety precautions no matter how safe the place is.


Zug is generally straightforward to navigate, due to its compact size and well-organized public transportation. There is a highly accessible train station and bus routes that cover the city center and neighboring areas. Bike and foot paths are also prevalent, providing alternatives to public transportation. Thus, solo female travelers should find it relatively easy to get around. One minor challenge would be the local language barrier if you do not speak German, but many residents and official services offer English assistance.

Things to do:Interesting

Zug is a charming city with a lot to offer, from picturesque landscapes of Lake Zug and the Hohe Ron Mountain, intriguing historical sites like the Zytturm Clock Tower, to a cultural enrichment experience in Kunsthaus Art Museum. Also, the city is known for its calm and relaxing atmosphere which is a perfect spot for solo travel. Nature lovers can enjoy various hiking or biking trails for an active adventure. Plus, Swiss cuisine is worthy of a try, especially Zug's famous cherry cake.

Food:Above average

Zug's culinary landscape offers a delightful variety from traditional Swiss cuisine, including beloved cheese, chocolate, and cherry specialties, to international fare such as Italian, Asian, and even American. Vegetarians and vegans also have a good selection to choose from. The food is generally high quality with fresh and local ingredients. However, it may not hit a five due to a less diverse range of international cuisines compared to Switzerland's larger cities. Also, dining can be on the pricier side.


Zug, being one of the wealthiest regions in Switzerland, tends to be relatively expensive when it comes to cost of living and therefore, travel expenses. Accommodations, dining, and attractions tend to be higher than in less affluent areas. Nevertheless, you can find affordable options if you plan carefully and in advance, but be prepared to spend more than in other European cities.

Is Zug worth visiting?

Solo travel experience

I personally enjoyed the simplicity that came with visiting Zug, but it’s definitely a bit on the boring side surprisingly. But overall it is quite expensive but also has beautiful scenery and relatively easy to navigate public transport.

Posted: March 24, 2024
Things to do: 3/5Food: 4/5Budget-friendly: 4/5Safety: 5/5
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