Solo Female Travel in Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina, situated on the Pacific coast of Veraguas, Panama, is an exotic paradise for lovers of sports and nature, especially recognized worldwide as a premier surfing and scuba diving destination. This serene fishing village is surrounded by pristine beaches and lush forests, offering the tranquility of untouched nature. Santa Catalina’s charm lies in its simplicity coupled with its world-class sites, such as the Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its rich biodiversity both on land and underwater. With its warm tropical climate, rich marine life, exceptional surf breaks, and captivating natural allure, Santa Catalina is a hidden gem that captivates its visitors throughout the year.

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Is Santa Catalina good for solo travel?



Santa Catalina generally offers a safe travel environment for solo female travelers. It's a small, quiet beach town renowned for its surfing and diving opportunities. The locals are known to be friendly and helpful. As with any destination, it's advisable to stay vigilant, especially at night. Basic safety measures like not flashing valuable possessions and using trusted transportation services should be followed to keep one's travel safe and memorable.


Santa Catalina is a very small and walkable locale that makes commuting fairly straightforward, however, it has relatively limited transportation options for longer journeys. The infrastructure is not the best, and it can be challenging to navigate during rainy seasons. While traveling, be prepared to walk or hire local transportation for further destinations, which could be slightly inconvenient at times.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Santa Catalina offers a wide variety of activities for solo female travelers. It is best known for its world-class surfing and scuba diving due to its access to Coiba National Marine Park. The area's natural beauty is incredibly appealing with opportunities for bird watching, horseback riding, and hiking. Although it's a small and remote town, it has a good selection of restaurants and accommodations. However, if one requires buzzing nightlife and shopping centers, it might not be the most exciting.

Food:Above average

Santa Catalina houses a good amount of food diversity considering its small size and remote location. You can find local Panamanian cuisine, seafood dishes freshly caught by local fishermen, as well as international options like Italian, Mexican, and even Asian in some places. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, but may be limited. It's not a culinary capital, but the food variety is more than decent for a laid-back surf town. Local ingredients are usually fresh, enhancing the overall food experience.


Santa Catalina offers a mix of budget-friendly and expensive options. Accomodation varies from budget hostels to high-end resorts. Eating out can also range from economical local eateries to more costly restaurants. However, many of the activities, such as surfing and exploring the local nature, can be enjoyed at a minimal cost.

Is Santa Catalina worth visiting?

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