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Ikorodu, located in the north-east of Lagos State, Nigeria, is a vibrant and cultural city known for its unique amalgamation of tradition and modernity. Nestled along the Lagos Lagoon, it offers a serene, aquatic charm while simultaneously boasting of its cosmopolitan appeal. Known for its notable industries including manufacturing, distribution, and trading, Ikorodu is a buzzing economic hub. It also offers a rich history and culture, with fascinating landmarks like the Oga Palace, Ikorodu Kingdom, and the Ayangburen palace. Visitors often relish the opportunity to participate in vibrant local festivals such as the Eluku, which showcases the area's rich heritage. The city is also home to LASPOTECH, one of Nigeria's prominent polytechnic institutions, making it an educational hotspot as well.

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Ikorodu can present several safety challenges for solo female travelers. While there are safe areas during the day, nighttime safety can be a concern. Personal belongings should be closely monitored as petty crime occurs. It's recommended to avoid venturing out alone at night and to always take reputable taxi services. Always keep someone informed about your plans and location.


Navigating through Ikorodu could be quite challenging due to heavy traffic at peak hours and a less developed transportation infrastructure. In addition, lack of proper signage and easily accessible public transport might be an issue for foreign visitors. Nonetheless, with patience and a touch of adventure, you can potentially make do.

Things to do:Moderate

Ikorodu has a unique charm offering a slice of traditional Nigerian culture. There are a variety of local attractions such as the Relics Museum, showcasing Nigerian history, and the Ikorodu Kingdom Palace, highlighting royal heritage. The area also boasts of beautiful natural landmarks like the Majidun River. However, it lacks a variety of entertainment options and unique activities compared to other regions and cities of Nigeria, making it more suited for travelers searching a quiet getaway rather than a bustling city exploration.

Food:Above average

The Ikorodu region of Nigeria is vibrant with diverse and delicious foods. Predominantly featuring rich African dishes, there are varieties of meals from seafood to vegetable soups and roasted meats, predominantly made with local flavors and spices. You might find the level of spice a bit challenging if you're not used to it, but there are also a handful of continental dishes on offer. Fresh fruits and local street foods are also quite prevalent and delicious, ensuring a rich culinary experience. However, it's essential to maintain caution with street food for hygiene purposes.


Ikorodu is quite budget-friendly. The cost of living is comparatively lower than in many other international regions. Accommodation, food, and transportation are relatively affordable, which allows travelers on a budget to manage their expenses well. However, fluctuations in prices and occasional tourist markups can occur, thereby not making it the cheapest possible destination.

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