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Ibadan, located in the southwestern part of Nigeria, is the third largest metropolitan area by population in the country. Known for its rich history and cultural heritage, Ibadan is home to the University of Ibadan, the oldest university in Nigeria, as well as several notable landmarks including Cocoa House, the first skyscraper in West Africa, the national museum with significant archaeological and ethnographic exhibits, and the bustling Bodija market. Adventurers can explore the expansive IITA forest reserve, brimming with diverse animal and plant species. From indigenous arts and crafts to local cuisine, Ibadan offers a vibrant, colorful blend of traditional and cosmopolitan African experiences.

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Ibadan can be moderately safe for solo female travelers. Like any other city, it is important to observe personal safety measures. It is generally advised to stay vigilant, avoid unnecessarily flashy attire or expensive accessories and avoid travelling alone at night. Also it's essential to beware of scams and fraud, which are unfortunately quite common in Nigeria. However, the people of Ibadan are generally friendly and helpful.


Getting around Ibadan is moderately convenient. The city has a significant number of taxis and bike taxis (Okadas), which are commonly used for intra-city travel. However, the traffic sometimes can be quite heavy especially during peak hours which might delay your travel. There's no metro or tram system, but there are plenty of minibuses. Many areas are also walkable if you're situated centrally. However, it is important to stay cautious and aware of your surroundings, especially if roaming around at night. Street lighting is not common and the city areas can get busy. Try to establish reliable transportation and don't hesitate to ask locals for directions if needed.

Things to do:Interesting

Ibadan is a city of cultural richness blended perfectly with modern charm. You can explore historical sites like Cocoa House, the first skyscraper in Nigeria, and University of Ibadan, the country's oldest university. For nature lovers, the city offers the UI Zoological Garden and Agodi Gardens, where you can enjoy serene landscapes. For a deeper dive into the culture, visit the National Museum of Unity which boasts significant archeological and ethnographic exhibits. Different markets like the Bodija and Dugbe market reflect the daily life and vibrancy of the city. Overall, the city offers an enriching cultural experience, historical insights, and beautiful botanical locations. However, it has less diversity in the form of recreational activities like nightlife or adventure sports.

Food:Above average

In Ibadan, the gastronomic scene is ample and diverse, appealing to every palate or preference imaginable. The local cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors and unique ingredients, reflecting Nigeria's cultural diversity. From traditional Nigerian dishes such as Jollof rice, fried plantains, and pounded yam served with Egusi soup, to more worldly fare like continental and Oriental meals, Ibadan offers a culinary adventure. Street food is equally excellent, providing quick bites for people on the move. However, people with dietary restrictions may need to communicate clearly, as the concept is not widespread. Overall, Ibadan offers an exciting food experience filled with authentic tastes ahead of your culinary exploration.


Ibadan is quite budget-friendly, especially in comparison to other cities in Nigeria. Accommodation, transportation, and food are generally affordable. However, fluctuating exchange rates can affect prices. Always thoroughly plan your finances prior to the visit.

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