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Enugu, often referred to as the coal city, is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria, set at the foot of Udi Plateau. Renowned for its neat roadside landscaping and lush greenery, this thriving city is the epitome of Nigerian friendliness and hospitality. Enugu is famous for its significant coal mining history, yet its vibrant contemporary attractions like the Aso Rock, Nike Lake, Ngwo Pine Forest and the wellspring of local culture at the Ezeagu tourist complex also juxtapose itself for tourist's delight. As the socio-cultural melting pot of the Igbo tribe, Enugu embodies a rich tapestry of Nigerian artistry accentuated by the local markets like Ogbete, Artisan and New market, known for traditional crafts, fabrics, and delicious local cuisines.

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Enugu, like many other cities, presents certain risks but also has safe areas. It would be prudent to stay in areas with a good reputation and avoid traveling at night. Local people are generally friendly, but it is important to keep personal belongings secure. The local government is making efforts to improve safety, so keep abreast of any updates. As with any travel, comprehensive travel insurance is a must. Always remember, precautions can greatly enhance your safety.


Navigating Enugu might be moderately challenging for a solo traveler. The city does not have a formal public transportation system, but there are plenty of minibuses and taxis. Some places might require additional effort to reach due to congestion and language barriers. However, locals are usually friendly and resourceful in helping visitors find their way. Many landmarks and city areas are also within walking distance if you prefer to explore on foot.

Things to do:Moderate

Enugu has a moderate range of activities to engage in, especially if you are a fan of nature and history. There are several remarkable sights to visit such as the Awhum Waterfall, Udi Hills, and the Ngwo Pine Forest which also features a unique cave system. For history lovers, the National Museum in Enugu houses significant cultural and historical artifacts. However, the city may lack the vibrant nightlife and an extensive range of shopping opportunities that some travelers might prefer.

Food:Above average

The culinary scene in Enugu is a delightful blend of local and international cuisines. One can enjoy a variety of traditional Nigerian dishes such as egusi soup, jollof rice and akpu, which showcase the rich flavors, spices and cooking techniques of the region. In addition to the local fare, there are also eateries serving Chinese, Indian and Continental cuisines, perfect for those who fancy a taste of home or something different. However, there's room for improvement in terms of variety and sophistication. Eating out in Enugu can be an exciting discovery, especially for adventurous food lovers.


Enugu is a fairly budget-friendly travel destination where lodging, food, and attractions typically come at a reasonable cost. Public transportation and local amenities are generally affordable. However, regular travel tips such as eating where locals eat, using public transportation and pre-booking accommodation still apply to get the most out of your budget.

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