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Jerash, located in the northern part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is renowned globally for its spectacularly preserved Roman architecture. Known as the "Pompeii of the East," it captivates visitors with its grand collonaded streets, hilltop temples, theatres, spacious public squares and plazas, bathhouses, fountains, and city walls pierced by towers and gates - all meticulously maintained remnants of one of the Decapolis, a union of 10 culturally diverse and influential ancient Roman cities. The seamless blend of the Mediterranean world and the traditions of the Arabic Orient elevates Jerash's allure, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and explorers alike.

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Safety:Very safe

Jerash, is generally safe for solo female travelers. Crime rates are reasonably low, and locals are often friendly and helpful to tourists. It's important to respect local customs and dress modestly, as Jordan is a predominantly Muslim country. While harassment is rarely reported, it's still crucial to remain cautious, especially when traveling alone at night. Structure any itinerary to explore during daylight hours and plan transport beforehand to avoid issues.


Jerash is fairly accessible for a solo female traveler. The ancient city's ruins are within a compact, pedestrian-friendly area. English and Arabic road signs are prevalent, and local people are generally friendly and helpful if you need directions. However, traveling between Jerash and other Jordanian cities can be slightly challenging due to limited public transportation options and occasional language barriers.

Things to do:Interesting

Jerash is an archaeologically rich city in Jordan and one of the best-preserved Greco-Roman cities in the world, offering a unique look into the ancient history. The ancient city holds numerous ruins, beautiful mosaics, and monuments that you can explore for hours, including the Hadrian's Arch, Hippodrome, and the Jerash Archeological Museum. Not only is the city historically appealing, but it's also quite safe and offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for solo female travelers. However, while the city itself is fascinating, the scope for other varied activities might be a bit limited, it might be less attractive if you're not that into history.

Food:Above average

The food scene in Jerash is pleasantly diverse with a mix of traditional Jordanian food and international options. Vegetarians will especially love the variety of vegan-friendly Middle Eastern dishes, such as falafels, hummus, and tabbouleh. The specialty is the Jordanian national dish, Mansaf-a lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt and served with rice. The local street food is a must-try, offering authentic flavors that are both hearty and fulfilling. Food is generally well-prepared, flavorful with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. However, the city lacks a bit in variety for international cuisines.


Jerash has a moderate level of affordability. Accommodation, transportation, and food are relatively affordable, but the major ancient sites and experiences may require entry fees. Planning ahead and budget trip supervision can lead to more savings.

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