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The Dead Sea, located in the Jordan Rift Valley, straddles the border of Jordan and Israel, and is one of the world’s most amazing destinations. It is known primarily for its therapeutic qualities; the water of the Dead Sea holds a powerful concentration of minerals and mud that promotes health and heals skin disorders. It's earth’s lowest elevation on land and the salt concentration is so high that people can easily float on the surface. A visit to nearby sites like Masada, an ancient fortress, and the Jordan River, the believed baptismal site of Jesus, makes the Dead Sea an irresistible destination for any travel enthusiast.

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Dead Sea is generally safe for solo female travelers. The residents are friendly and respectful. The crime rate is low, which implies that thefts and violent crimes are rare. However, it's always paramount as a solo traveler to remain vigilant and because of cultural considerations, it is advised to dress modestly. Avoid roaming alone late at night in secluded areas for maximum safety.


Traveling around the Dead Sea in Jordan is manageable but requires some planning. Language barriers and lack of established public transport can present challenges. However, many find it entirely doable with some preparedness. Local taxis are readily available but can be difficult if language is a barrier. It's important to be aware of your surroundings and stay safe while exploring the area. The local people are generally kind and willing to assist in case of any difficulties. Recommended to hire a local guide to fully enjoy the region's charm.

Things to do:Interesting

The Dead Sea in Jordan is a unique and significant travel destination. Its hypersaline water creates a floatability that draws many for relaxation and fun in water. The therapeutic mud and mineral rich salts have spa and health benefits, making it popular for wellness tourism. Moreover, it offers mesmerizing views with the contrast between the desert cliffs and the blue sea. Certain historical and religious sites like the Baptism Site (Bethany Beyond the Jordan), Mount Nebo and the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex can also be visited nearby. However, it can be limited in terms of diverse activities.

Food:Above average

The food in Dead Sea is a fantastic blend of local and international cuisines. Visitors can expect to enjoy a variety of dishes such as the traditional Jordanian Mansaf, fresh seafood, various types of meze, and plenty of vegetarian options. There is less variety for those preferring Western style fast foods or specialized diet options like Vegan or Gluten-free. Overall, it offers a authentic cultural dining experience with an impressive range of dishes.


Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan can be considered moderately budget-friendly. The cost of food, transportation, and accommodation are average, neither very high nor very low. Entry to the public Dead Sea beach is also reasonable. However, spa treatments and private beach access can increase the cost significantly.

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