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Sapporo, the capital city of the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, is an enticing blend of urban sophistication and breathtaking natural beauty. Known as Japan's youngest major city, Sapporo spotlighted in winter for its popular Sapporo Snow Festival, where massive ice sculptures adorning the city draw millions of visitors. Beyond its seasonal appeal, Sapporo is renowned for its thriving food scene with exquisite local dishes including fresh seafood and the famous local delicacy, miso ramen. The city's Historic Village, showcasing a collection of well-preserved structures from the Meiji and Taisho periods, Beer Museum, emphasizing on the city's namesake brewery, and Odori Park, the heart of the Snow Festival, blend seamlessly offering visitors both cultural immersion and cosmopolitan allure.

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Is Sapporo good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Sapporo is one of the safest cities for solo female travelers. Crime rate is very low and locals are generally respectful and polite. Public transportation is punctual and reliable, and signage in English is abundant which makes navigation easier. However, travelers should still exercise usual awareness, particularly when out at night. As everywhere else, remain cautious and alert in public places and avoid carrying excessive cash or valuables with you. Always ensure your accommodation is secure.


Sapporo is fairly easy to navigate. The city has a well-planned grid layout and organized street patterns which make it simple to identify different locations. It also offers diverse modes of transport including trains, buses, and taxis. Signs in major stations and popular tourist spots are bilingual, making it more convenient. However, some parts of the city can be a bit challenging to traverse due to hilly terrains and are not very walking-friendly during the winter because of heavy snow.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Sapporo's appeal extends beyond festivals. It's a city that impresses with its splendid architecture such as the Clock Tower and the former Hokkaido Government Office. In terms of retail therapy, Tanukikoji Shopping Street is a must-visit. The city also competes with the best in terms of culinary offerings especially for seafood and ramen lovers. Lastly, for nature wanderers, Mt. Moiwa Ropeway and Okurayama Observatory are ideal spots to enjoy panoramic views of the city


Sapporo is a veritable foodie heaven. The city offers a diverse selection of eateries serving both local and international cuisine. The city's culinary offerings reflect not only Hokkaido’s abundant produce, seafood, and meats but also the influence of other Asian and Western cuisine. The famed local specialty is the Sapporo ramen, which is a must-try. Don't forget to explore street markets and underground food streets for a variety of delightful street eats. Overall, it's a gastronomic paradise that caters to different palates and preferences.


Sapporo can be moderately budget-friendly. There are a range of accommodation options to suit a variety of budgets, and the local cuisine is fairly priced. However, entrance fees for popular attractions, transportation, and high-end shopping can escalate costs. Therefore, it's about balance and how you manage your spending.

Is Sapporo worth visiting?

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