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Bayahibe, positioned on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, is a fitting paradise for anyone seeking relaxation, vibrant marine life, and illustrated history on their vacation. An unspoilt slice of the Caribbean, the tropical haven offers world-class diving due to its rich coral reefs and crystal clear waters. It is also renowned for the lush natural beauty of the East National Park that harbors 112 species of birds, greenery, and the mystical Saona Island. Spanish colonial history comes alive with remnants of the first sugar mill in the Americas and the mesmerizing cave art from the Tauíno Indians. Bayahibe is a hideaway that delights with its sensuous mixture of turquoise water, white-sand beaches, and captivating wildlife.

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Bayahibe is generally regarded as safe for solo female travelers. It is a small and typically tourist-friendly village with locals accustomed to tourists. Nevertheless, as anywhere else, it is always important to take standard safety precautions: avoid secluded areas, stay aware of your surroundings, and take care with valuables.


Bayahibe is conveniently small and can generally be explored on foot. For longer distances, taxis and motoconchos (motorcycle taxis) are available. The locals are friendly and it's a fairly safe place, but as always, use your common sense regarding your safety.

Things to do:Interesting

Bayahibe, is a wonderful destination for solo female travelers. With its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, it's a perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. Explore the local scenery with hiking tours or visit Saona Island for a day trip. You can dive into the regional marine life with the variety of diving opportunities available. Nevertheless, the town is centered mostly around beach-related activities, hence, some might find it lacking in terms of cultural activities, shopping options or nightlife. But it's surely a paradise for those looking for serene beauty and relaxation.

Food:Above average

The food scene in Bayahibe is quite enjoyable with a decent amount of diversity. You'll find a good mix of traditional Dominican cuisine along with international options. Seafood is abundantly fresh and exquisitely prepared. There's something to suit most palates. However, while the quality is generally high, the variety may not be as wide as larger cities.


Bayahibe has a moderate cost of living with a balance of budget and premium options. The cost of food, transportation, and accommodation can vary. Affordable guesthouses and street food stalls are available, however, some activities such as scuba diving or boat trips to nearby islands can be more costly. Your budget in Bayahibe can stretch further depending on what activities you choose to participate in, where you choose to eat, and where you decide to stay.

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