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Zaventem is a captivating municipality located in the Flemish Brabant province of Belgium, right outside the bustling city of Brussels. Known primarily for hosting Brussels Airport, one of the busiest and most dynamic airports in Europe, this region is suitably a gateway to the fascinating realm of Belgium, teeming with influence from various cultures. Nevertheless, Zaventem boasts its own charm with attractions like De Zaventemse Vijvers, a nature paradise with serene lake views, and the Church of Saint Martin. This region is also renowned for its traditional Belgian handicraft, lacemaking, with exceptional works displayed in the local Lacemaking School. Whether you're a business traveler or an ardent tourist, Zaventem offers a blend of urban efficiency and native idyllic allure.

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Is Zaventem good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Zaventem is generally a safe place for solo female travelers. Belgium as a whole is known for its safety with effective police enforcement. However, take regular safety precautions, especially at night. Always stay in well-lit, populated areas and be aware of your surroundings. Petty crimes like pickpocketing can occur, especially in busy areas. Public transportation is reliable and safe as well.


Zaventem, maintains a moderate level of accessibility for solo female travelers. For getting around, it is relatively convenient due to the compact nature of the town. Still, the lack of English signage and limited local assistance can pose minor challenges for non-native speakers. The areas tend to be safe, but always exercise normal safety precautions. Special attention needs to be given during nights or in crowded public places.
Things to do:

Things to do:Moderate

Zaventem, is known for its close proximity to Brussels and major European cities, offering a strategic advantage to traveling beyond just one town. As a solo female traveler, it provides you a relatively safe and calm environment. The town showcases some historic sites, parks, and nature sites that provide a quiet city escape. It's also abundant with eateries featuring local Belgian cuisine. However, Zaventem isn't as bustling or as packed with attractions as its neighboring cities which may limit the variety of activities to do.

Food:Above average

The culinary scene in Zaventem is fairly good. One can savor the flavors of various international cuisines ranging from traditional Belgian food to mouth-watering Asian, Italian, and Middle Eastern delicacies. The town caters to the requirements of vegetarians and vegans as well, providing ample diversity and quality. Furthermore, most of the joints, besides being budget-friendly, have a cozy ambiance adding to a pleasant dining experience. However, the number of restaurants serving exotic cuisines is relatively less.


Zaventem is a small suburban area that is dominated by the international airport. The cost of living is moderate. Accommodations and dining can be expensive due to its proximity to the airport and Brussels, but local grocery stores offer budget-friendly food. Public transportation is affordable and reliable, making it simple to travel to nearby cities with lower costs. Overall, it offers a fair value for its price, but be prepared for slightly higher costs if you decide to stay within this hub.

Is Zaventem worth visiting?

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