Is Ypres Worth Visiting?

Situated in the heart of Flanders, Belgium, Ypres is a charming and historical city renowned for its poignant WWI past. It is best known for the iconic ‘In Flanders Fields’ Museum, dedicated to the history of the first World War, housed in the magnificent Cloth Hall, a testament to Ypres' vibrant medieval past. The city houses several noteworthy sites such as the Menin Gate Memorial, a stirring monument to soldiers lost in the war, and the Hill 60 Battlefield, an important site for war history enthusiasts. Evenings in Ypres are often marked by a moving Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate, while its beautifully preserved old town is a testament to the earnest efforts at post-war restoration. Despite its tumultuous history, Ypres boasts an irresistible charm in its cobbled streets, inviting cafes and breweries that offer an authentic Belgian experience.

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