Is Macapa Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Macapa, while not the safest destination, can be reasonably navigated by solo female travelers with the right precautions. It's advised to keep a low profile and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Always keep belongings secure and choose accommodations in safer neighborhoods. Whilst night-time activities should be avoided, daytime exploration is quite safe; however, it's best to stay in populated areas and use reliable transportation. Criminal activities can still be a concern like in any other place especially late at night, but overall, if you remain vigilant, your travel in Macapa can be a memorable experience

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How safe is Macapa?

Safety at nightUnsafe

Macapá, like many urban areas in Brazil, carries a degree of safety risk for solo female travelers, particularly during night hours. It is advised to avoid walking alone at night, especially in isolated or poorly lit areas. It's better to use trusted transportation methods such as taxis or app-based services. Always stay alert and be conscious of your surroundings. Most locals are friendly, but as a female traveler, you should always prioritize your safety.

Public transportationModerate

Public transportation in Macapa is a mix of safety and risks for a solo female traveler. The day-time commute is generally safe with a bunch of locals and tourists using the service. Buses are the main mode of transportation and they cover virtually all areas of the city. However, it gets less safe during late-night hours due to limited services and fewer commuters. Always stay alert and watch your belongings, as pickpocketing can occur. It is advisable to use a map or GPS to navigate your routes to avoid getting lost. Consider using taxis or ride-sharing services for late-night travel.

Street harassmentHigh

As a solo female traveler in Macapa, you should be prepared for some degree of attention in public spaces. While this is not typically dangerous or overly aggressive, it can sometimes make solo female travelers feel uncomfortable. It often comes in the form of stares or unwelcome comments. Nonetheless, Brazilians are generally friendly and respectful people and serious incidents are rarely reported. However, it is advisable to take basic precautions such as not traveling alone at night and avoiding remote areas.

Petty crimesModerate

Macapa, like many other urban areas in Brazil, experiences its share of petty crime. Street crimes such as pickpocketing, purse snatching, and theft from parked cars are particularly common. As a solo female traveller, you should exercise alertness, especially in crowded areas, and avoid displaying expensive items openly. Nevertheless, remember that these types of crime can happen anywhere and being aware of your surroundings is the best prevention strategy.

Tap waterUnsafe

Drinking tap water in Macapa is generally not recommended due to the potential presence of harmful bacteria and viruses. Bottled water or treated water is commonly used for drinking and brushing teeth to minimize the risk of health issues.

Is Brazil safe right now?

When travelling to Brazil, it's crucial to exercise a high degree of caution due to the significant risk of crime, as advised by the US, Canadian, and Australian governments. High crime rates and recurring incidents of gang-related violence are particularly prevalent in urban areas. Be vigilant at all times, avoid unnecessary outings, and stay informed about the safety conditions in the areas you plan to visit.

United States Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

The United States Government advises exercising increased caution in Brazil due to crime. Some areas have an increased risk. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: October 19, 2023

Canada's Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

The Canadian Government advises exercising a high degree of caution in Brazil. This is due to the high crime rates and frequent incidents of gang-related and other violence in urban areas. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: February 26, 2024

Australia's Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

The Australian government advises exercising a high degree of caution while in Brazil due to the threat of violent crime. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: January 8, 2024

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