Is Ilha Grande Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Ilha Grande is generally safe for solo female travelers. Like everywhere, one must use their senses and take usual travel precautions. It's a popular tourist destination with friendly locals. Serious crime is relatively low, but petty crime such as pickpocketing can occur, especially in crowded spots. Always keep an eye on your belongings and avoid unpopulated areas at night for an extra layer of safety.

Safety rating

3.7 /5

Based on research and crime data

Safety overview

Safety at night:Safe

Ilha Grande is regarded as generally safe for solo female travelers, even during the night. The island has a low crime rate, and the locals are usually friendly and welcoming. However, like anywhere else in the world, it is always advised to take precautions such as avoiding deserted areas and dimly lit places late at night, and not carrying a lot of cash or valuable items on you. There are always police officers patrolling, and the area around the main village is well lit.

Public transportation: Moderate

Ilha Grande itself does not have any public transportation as cars are not permitted on the island. Typically, visitors get around by walking, biking, or boat taxis. Boat taxis are generally safe to use but schedules can be inconsistent and during bad weather, this method can be unsafe due to rough sea conditions. Remember, always be aware of your surroundings and stay in well-lit locations since you'll be primarily walking or riding a bike on the island.

Street harassment: Low

In Ilha Grande, street harassment is generally regarded as relatively low. Local residents are known for their friendliness, warm hospitality, and respect for all visitors, including solo female travelers. However, like any travel destination, it's always smart to stay vigilant, make sensible choices, and be aware of your surroundings.

Petty crimes:Low

Ilha Grande is generally safe for travelers. However, instances of petty crime like pickpocketing and bag-snatching do occur, but are relatively infrequent. The remote nature of this destination and its lower tourist density compared to other regions in Brazil often results in a safer environment. It's advised to stay alert, secure valuables, and exercise standard precautions in avoiding isolated areas especially at night.

Tap water:Unsafe

Drink only bottled or filtered water in Ilha Grande. The tap water is not guaranteed to be safe for drinking due to potential bacteria or pollutants. To avoid risking any illness during your trip, it's best to pay for bottled water or treat tap water before consumption.

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