Best Places in Georgia for Solo Female Travel


1, Tbilisi

Situated in the heart of the Caucasus, on the banks of the Mtkvari River, Tbilisi, the vibrant capital city of Georgia lures visitors with its captivating blend of Eastern and Western influences. Famous for its massive collection of archaic monuments with longstanding history, the city boasts a mosaic of culture, history, and art. Renowned for the iconic, 4th-century Narikala Fortress with panoramic views over the cityscape, the cobblestone streets of its old town resplendent with colorful balconies, and charismatic sulfur bathhouses, Tbilisi offers an enticing mix of old-world charm and modern innovation. Coupled with a burgeoning food and wine scene, decidedly European atmosphere, and hospitable locals, Tbilisi's reputation as a rapidly growing tourist hotspot is well-deserved.


2, Gudauri

Nestled in the heart of the Great Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia, Gudauri is a winter wonderland known for its vibrant skiing resorts, stunning landscapes, and exceptional outdoor activities. Located around 120 kilometers from the capital city Tbilisi, a trip to Gudauri offers an extraordinary experience with treasurable panoramic views, epic off-piste and helicopter skiing, paragliding, and snow tours. It boasts modern infrastructure, high-quality ski lifts, and a variety of slopes suitable for both beginners and professional skiers. During the summer, it transforms into a serene haven for hikers, rock climbers, and adventure enthusiasts, making Gudauri a year-round destination where Mother Nature unfurls in her purest form.


3, Gurjaani

Nestled in the fertile heart of Georgia's renowned wine region, Kakheti, rests the charming town of Gurjaani. Renowned for its rich viticulture history, Gurjaani is adorned with lush vineyards and boasts the only two-domed church in the whole of Georgia, the Gurjaani Kvelatsminda, revealing a fascinating perspective into Georgia's rich and diverse architectural tradition. This quaint town also houses the world's oldest, still functional wine celar, dating back to 4th century AD. So, whether you're exploring the mysteries of ancient church architecture, tasting the delicious local wines or relaxing in the town's calming, beautiful environs, Gurjaani presents a unique and rewarding Eastern Georgian travel experience.

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4, Sighnaghi

Nestled in the heart of Georgia’s wine region, Sighnaghi is a small, picturesque town perched on a hill, overlooking the sweeping Alazani Valley and the dramatic Caucasus mountains. Often referred to as the 'City of Love' for its popular wedding registry office, Sighnaghi boasts unique Italianate architecture, cobblestone streets, and spectacular wall fortifications reminiscent of the Great Wall of China. Known worldwide for its vibrant festivals like the Alazani Valley Folklore and Wine Festival, the city showcases the rich traditions of Georgia in folk music, dance, and song. Visitors can explore the numerous local vineyards, indulge in traditional feasts at family-run wine cellars, or delve into the city’s storied past at the Sighnaghi Museum. The town’s charming, slow-paced, and authentic ambiance make it an absolute must-visit destination for all globetrotters.


5, Signagi

Nestled on the terraces of the magnificent Alazani Valley in the region of Kakheti, northeast Georgia, Signagi is a vintage town that captures the essence of tranquility and romance. Known as "The City of Love," this charming town adorned with cobblestone streets, quaint houses, and enchanting landscapes is a favorite destination for couples. Enclosed by the splendor of ancient defensive walls, it offers a vibrant blend of Georgian history, culture, and outstanding architecture. Signagi is also a gateway to the region's world-renowned vineyards, where travel enthusiasts can experience the rich tradition of Georgian winemaking and sample delicious local wines. Stunning vistas of the sprawling, vineyard-dotted valley, especially from the town's impressive watchtowers, are a notable highlight, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey through this delightful Georgian gem.


6, Telavi

Situated in the heart of Georgia's world-renowned wine region, Kakheti, is the picturesque and historic city of Telavi. This charming city, nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, is not only known as the capital of Kakheti but also serves as a paradise for wine lovers. Telavi boasts a rich history dating back to the 1st millennium BC and is famous for its unique architectural wonders, such as the 18th-century Batonis Tsikhe castle and the Alaverdi Monastery. Known for its lush vineyards and ancient wine-making traditions, Telavi offers a plethora of wine tours and tastings where one can savor the exquisite flavors of famous Georgian wines. The city also thrives on its diverse culinary scene, local markets, and the warm hospitality of its people, making Telavi an unforgettable travel destination.


7, Stepantsminda

Stepantsminda is a gorgeous little town nestled in the heart of the Kazbegi District in Georgia's Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. Renowned for its awe-inspiring views of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, Stepantsminda is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The town lies beneath the towering, snow-capped Mount Kazbek, the third highest mountain in Georgia, creating a stunning backdrop that visitors petition for all year round. The roomy Gergeti Trinity Church, a 14th-century monument, is another iconic spot, perched high on a hill and often shrouded in mist, it attracts history buffs and hikers alike. With its rich cultural heritage, lively local cuisine, and hospitable residents, Stepantsminda is an unmissable gem in Georgia's crown of tourist destinations.


8, Kazbegi

Kazbegi, officially known as Stepantsminda, is a captivating small town in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of north-eastern Georgia. Nestled in the stunning folds of the Caucasus mountain range, it's just a short distance south of the Russian border and about 120 kilometers north of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. Renowned for its untouched beauty and breath-taking landscapes, Kazbegi is home to Mount Kazbek, the third highest mountain in Georgia, attracting adventure enthusiasts for mountaineering and treks. The historic Gergeti Trinity Church perched high on a hill and the dramatic Dariali Gorge are among its iconic attractions. With its perfect blend of nature's serenity and a deep sense of spirituality, Kazbegi is a mesmerizing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


9, Mestia

Mestia, located in the heartland of the Greater Caucasus mountains in the Svaneti region of Georgia, boasts a distinct blend of natural beauty and rich history. This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its stunning, rugged landscapes, including Georgia's highest mountain, Mount Shkhara. Mestia is home to iconic medieval Svaneti towers, historic churches filled with remarkable frescoes, and an ethnographic museum showcasing the region's unique culture and history. The town also serves as a popular starting point for hikers and skiers, with trails leading to mesmerizing glaciers, alpine valleys, and ski resorts. The charm of Mestia extends beyond its breathtaking vistas, inviting visitors with its warm hospitality and fascinating ancestral traditions.


10, Tskaltubo

Nestled in the picturesque Imereti region of Georgia, Tskaltubo is a magnetic destination known for its captivating natural beauty and revitalizing spas. This serene town is renowned worldwide for its mineral springs and therapeutic bathhouses, frequented by famed historical figures like Joseph Stalin. Rich in radon-carbonate water, Tskaltubo offers a rejuvenating experience at these spa resorts that date back to Soviet times. Besides the spa allure, Tskaltubo is the gateway to the mesmerizing Sataplia and Prometheus caves where you can witness breathtaking stalactites, stalagmites, and underground rivers. The blend of health benefits and natural wonders makes Tskaltubo a magnetic destination for both wellness and adventure seekers.


11, Kutaisi

Kutaisi, located in the heart of Georgia – a country in the intersection of eastern Europe and western Asia, is an enthralling city filled with millennial history and captivating beauty. As the third largest city in Georgia, Kutaisi is best known for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the ancient Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery that exhibit elegant medieval architecture. The remarkable Sataplia and Prometheus caves, adorned with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, are also a popular attraction away from the city's buzz. With its rich culture, delectable Georgian cuisine, and picturesque views of the Caucasus Mountains, you'll find the charming Kutaisi a delightful melting pot of ancient heritage steeped in natural splendor.


12, Sukhum

Sukhum is an enchanting city nestled on the southwest coast of Georgia, serving as the capital of the partially recognized Republic of Abkhazia. Drenched in history and natural allure, the city offers a unique blend of picturesque coastal views, subtropical forests, and majestic mountainous landscapes. Exceptionally known for its palm-lined beaches, it offers a fantastic escape along the Black Sea's pebbly shores. Rich with architectural monuments and historical attractions, such as the Sukhum Botanical Garden and the Abkhazian State Museum, Sukhum captivates its visitors with its cultural and natural wealth. Moreover, its vibrant local markets provide an immense opportunity to experience local tradition and gastronomy, making Sukhum a must-visit destination in Georgia.


13, Gagra

Gagra is a beautiful city nestled on the Black Sea's shimmering coastline in the far western reaches of Georgia. It exudes exciting old-world charm combined with natural beauty, featuring enchanting subtropical flora, clear blue waters, and the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Caucasian mountains. Known for its beautiful beach resorts and warm climate, Gagra is a popular summer destination that attracts tourists from far and wide. Historical sites like the Gagra fortress, ruins of an ancient Abkhazian Kingdom settlement, contemporary attractions such as the colonnaded seafront promenade, and an array of delectable local cuisines further adds to this vibrant city's appeal, making it a must-visit destination for travel enthusiasts worldwide.


14, Khashuri

Khashuri is a charming small town centrally located in the heart of Georgia, Europe, where the western and eastern parts of the country intersect. Renowned for its fascinating railway history, Khashuri is a bustling transport hub that showcases the vibrant charm of Georgian life. The town is famed for its iconic railway station, which serves as a crucial junction connecting the nation's railway system. Visitors are drawn to Khashuri's local culinary delights, featuring authentic Georgian cuisine. Notable landmarks include the Soviet-era buildings adding a touch of historical aesthetics to the town's landscape, the bustling local market ideal for sampling the region's diverse fruits and homemade products, and the town's surrounding green landscapes promising serene, rejuvenating walks.


15, Borjomi

Located in the mesmerizing lush green valley of the Mtkvari River in the southwest part of Georgia, Borjomi is a breathtaking resort town that is notably famous for its mineral water industry. Borjomi is celebrated for its unique combination of picturesque landscapes and thermal springs, making it a paradise for wellness tourists. The region is known for the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, one of the largest in Europe, which offers hiking and horse riding experiences amidst stunning flora and fauna. Additionally, the town's open-air Sulphur baths, Romanov’s Palace, and the Borjomi-Gogia Fortress are other noteworthy attractions, showcasing the rich history and culture of this Georgian treasure.


16, Akhaltsikhe

Akhaltsikhe, a small city nestled in the verdant valleys of Southern Georgia, carries a rich heritage as picturesque as its surroundings. Renowned for its magnificent Rabati Castle, a harmonious blend of various architectural styles reflecting its diverse history as it was shaped by Ottomans, Persians, and Georgians. The city's distinguishing feature, the castle complex houses a fortress, a theater, museums, and a quaint little church in its realm. Vardzia cave monastery, another must-visit site, sits just southeast of Akhaltsikhe, adding to the allure of the city. Akhaltsikhe is uniquely poised, offering a journey through different ages and cultures, while being cradled in the sublime beauty of the Meskheti region.


17, Abastumani

Situated in the picturesque Samtskhe-Javakheti region of southern Georgia, Abastumani is renowned for its lush splendor and tranquil atmospheres. Nestled among the verdant slopes of the Meskheti Range of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, the town is often lauded as a health resort thanks to the curative and relaxing properties of its unique mountain climate and thermal springs. Its star attraction, however, is the famed Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory, an enlightening destination for keen astronomers and curious travelers alike. From exploring hiking trails through its enchanting forests to gazing upon the heavenly bodies in the clear night sky, Abastumani promises a tranquil, rejuvenating escape.


18, Akhalkalaki

Located in Southern Georgia, Akhalkalaki is a small, quaint town known for its diverse culture and picturesque natural beauty. This integral part of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region offers visitors insights into its rich Armenian heritage, showcased in the unique architecture of its age-old churches, including the iconic St. Marine's XII century domed church. Surrounded by sprawling landscapes, breathtaking mountains, and natural reserves, Akhalkalaki offers numerous hiking trails for nature lovers. The town is also proximate to the Paravani and Saghamo Lakes, famous for bird-watching and leisurely picnics. Moreover, the winter provides an opportunity for cross-country skiing, attracting a wave of adventurous tourists. The town has also gained recognition due to the historical significance of the region being part of the Silk Road.


19, Ureki

Ureki, nestled along the Black Sea coast of Georgia, is a picturesque town with an allure renowned across Europe and Asia. The town is celebrated for its magnetic sand beaches, a natural marvel that has earned Ureki the reputation of a health resort. The unique magnetic properties of the sands are believed to have healing effects, particularly for cardiovascular and skeletal system-related diseases. Ureki's charming town center with quaint restaurants offering traditional Georgian cuisine and a cornucopia of locally made wines, and its vibrant night markets teeming with artisan local products, add to the unspoiled charm of this seaside town. Ureki also offers an array of outdoor activities like fishing, boating, and cycling, making it an ideal destination for wellness and relaxation seekers, food lovers, and adventure enthusiasts.


20, Batumi

Batumi is an enchanting city located on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea.’ With its striking mix of old and new architecture, surrounded by mountains and seascapes, it serves as a hub for distinctive cultural, economic, and educational encounters. It's known for its stunning seaside promenades, botanical garden hosting a wide array of international flora, and the unique ali and nino statue - a moving sculpture symbolizing eternal love. The city also boasts the impressive Batumi Boulevard, filled with restaurants, cafes, amusement parks and beaches, the towering Alphabetic Tower providing panoramic views, and the famous Batumi Dolphinarium which hosts regular interactive shows with the friendly marine creatures. Well-known for its vibrant nightlife, Batumi’s dazzling casinos and bustling clubs are a go-to destination for thrill-seekers and party lovers.

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