Solo Female Travel in Yilan

Yilan, an enchanting destination located on the northeastern coast of Taiwan, is widely recognized for its lush verdant landscapes, isolated beaches, and hot springs. Appreciated for its natural beauty and cultural richness, Yilan is home to the Lanyang Museum, a must-visit for tourists, which tells the story of the city's marine and cultural history. The city also hosts the Yilan International Children's Folklore and Folk Game Festival every summer, a renowned event that draws in international participation. The remarkable Turtle Island, famous for its rich marine life and visible volcanic features, sits not far offshore. Yilan, indeed, is a perfect blend of tradition, culture, and natural beauty.

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Is Yilan good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Yilan is considered very safe for solo female travelers. The crime rate is relatively low and the locals are usually friendly and helpful. Public transportation is reliable and convenient, which makes navigating the city easy and safe. As with any location however, maintaining general precautions such as not walking alone late at night and being aware of your surroundings is advised.


Yilan is fairly easy to explore as a solo traveler. The region is served by a variety of public transportation options including trains, buses, and taxis. Instructions and signage are often dual-language, making navigation simpler. Personal safety is generally high. However, less urban areas may be slightly challenging due to limited English spoken and lack of frequent transportation services.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Yilan offers a well-rounded travel experience. Its numerous attractions include stunning landscapes like the Taiping Mountain Forest Recreation Area and the numerous hot springs. Those who love nature and outdoor adventures will appreciate the hiking trails, beaches, and the scenic views at Wufengqi Waterfall. Cultural attractions abound at the National Traditional Arts Center and the former residences of some of Yilan’s notable figures. In terms of culinary experiences, Yilan is known for its exceptional food and organic produce, and is particularly renowned for its delicious Yilan green onion cuisine.

Food:Above average

The cuisine of Yilan offers a broad range of flavors and intricacies, embracing both traditional Taiwanese and indigenous Atayal culinary traditions. Unique regional dishes like roasted wild boar, sticky rice dumplings, and various seafood specialties are a delight to the palate. However, the choice of international cuisine is somewhat limited. All in all, the variety and quality of food in Yilan is definitely worth exploring.


Yilan is relatively budget-friendly for solo female travelers with countless affordable options for lodging and eating out. Public transportation is also cheap and easily available. In addition, many beautiful tourist spots in Yilan, such as the Luodong Night Market and the Wufongci Waterfalls are free to explore. However, some tourist attractions may have entrance fees which can add up.

Is Yilan worth visiting?

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