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Taoyuan, located in the northwestern part of Taiwan, serves as a vital international gateway for travelers due to its recognition as home to Taiwan's largest airport, Taoyuan International Airport. Recognized as a modern industrial city, it's best known for its high-tech industries, vast shopping districts, and delectable street markets offering a rich taste of traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Visitors are taken by Taoyuan's harmonious blend of rural and urban landscapes - lush greenery in Longtan Lake, captivating city views in Hutou Mountain, and beautiful Hakka culture in Lianhua Art Village. It's also known for the annual Lantern Festival, a vibrant event that illuminally Zings the crisp February nights with thousands of beautifully crafted lanterns.

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Is Taoyuan good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Taoyuan is generally safe for solo female travelers. Violent crime levels are relatively low, and people are often helpful and polite. However, like anywhere around the world, it's still important to remain cautious and aware of your surroundings, particularly at night. Frequent public transport and established guidelines for taxis ensure safe travel within the city. English may not be widely spoken outside of tourist areas, so having a translation app can be handy.


Taoyuan has a well-developed public transportation system including buses and trains, as well as bike rental services, making it quite convenient to travel around. Moreover, English signboards are common, which add to the ease of commuting. However, during peak hours, public transport can become crowded, which can be a slight inconvenience.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Taoyuan boasts an array of activities designed for the solo traveler. It offers diverse attractions like the stunning Daxi Old Street, where you can explore traditional Taiwanese architecture, and the heartwarming Taoyuan Xinwu Green Tunnel, perfect for laid-back strolls. Adventure seekers can head to the Taoyuan Valley or Lala Mountain to satiate their cravings for nature and exploration. Plus, cultural enthusiasts can delve into the city's history at spots like the Cihu Memorial Sculpture Park. Lastly, foodies will be delighted by the variety of local delicacies available.

Food:Above average

Taoyuan provides a great variety of authentic Taiwanese treats that will surely delight every food lover. It offers a wide array of dishes ranging from local street foods to high-end Taiwanese cuisine. Spices and flavors pop out in most dishes, marking a unique culinary experience. The city flaunts an immense variety of vegetarian dishes along with seafood and meats, which means there is something for everyone. However, English menus or English-speaking staff are not available everywhere, posing minor issues for foreigners. All in all, the city promises a pleasurable gastronomic adventure.


Taoyuan offers budget-friendly street food and affordable local transportation. However, the prices for accommodation range from modest hostels to high-end hotels, which could potentially strain your budget if you opt for more luxurious options. Attractions and activities vary in cost, so with proper planning, a trip to Taoyuan can be managed within a reasonable budget.

Is Taoyuan worth visiting?

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