Solo Female Travel in Hualien

Located on the eastern coast of Taiwan, Hualien is an enchanting city renowned for its diverse natural beauty. Visitors are drawn to this seaside city for its undulating mountains, picturesque cliffs and serene coastal views, particularly those of the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps most iconic is the Taroko National Park, a gorgeous natural panorama of marble-walled canyons, lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. Beyond its stunning landscapes, Hualien is acclaimed for its tasty local cuisine and rich indigenous cultures. Exploring its bustling night markets, local eateries and cultural exhibits offers an immersive dive into Taiwan's vibrant traditions. As a city of captivating contrasts - between mountain and sea, tradition and modernity - Hualien offers a truly unique Taiwanese experience.

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Is Hualien good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Hualien is generally quite safe for solo female travelers. Locals are known for their kindness and hospitality, and there is a very low crime rate. From the bustling streets of the city to breathtaking natural parks, most areas are well-lit and well-patrolled. Travelers should still remember to take standard precautions, such as not walking alone at night in unfamiliar areas and always being aware of their surroundings. As always, common sense is your best defense.


Getting around Hualien is quite manageable. While the city is spread out, options such as local buses, taxis and bike rentals are available widely. Accessibility isn't much of an issue and you can explore most parts of the city without unnecessary hassle. However, for more remote sights, it could be a little trickier and shall require careful planning or personal transport.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Hualien has a perfect blend of stunning landscapes and exciting activities. It boasts of the Taroko Gorge National Park which is ideal for hiking and sightseeing and especially known for its high cliffs and winding tunnels. Qixingtan Beach promises breathtaking views and offers activities like cycling. A myriad of mouthwatering local cuisine is also worth delving into. Night markets and shopping districts provide a peek into the vibrant culture of Taiwan. A significant deduction would be the occasional difficulty in communicating as English is not widely used. However, signages are commonly in English and locals are generally friendly and eager to help, making it still an attractive destination for solo female travelers.

Food:Above average

Hualien offers a really good range of food diversity. Both street food and restaurant food serve up a delicious array of options, with a highlight being the local and fresh seafood. For those who enjoy trying out local dishes, Hualien will not disappoint with its large variety of Taiwanese snacks. Vegetarians and vegans may find limited options, but most places are willing to adjust their dishes to cater to your dietary needs.


Hualien is rather budget-friendly for solo female travelers. Food, accommodation, and local transport are all reasonably priced. Local eateries offer delicious meals at lower costs. Hostels and budget hotels provide safe lodging at affordable rates. However, a few tourist attractions might charge a decent entry fee, slightly impacting the overall budget.

Is Hualien worth visiting?

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