Solo Female Travel in Hsinchu County

Located in the northern part of Taiwan, Hsinchu County is renowned for its diverse topography of mountains, plains, and coastline. Hsinchu is colloquially known as "The Windy City," due to its breezy climate brought about by northeastern monsoons. It is recognized worldwide as a hub for science and technology, being the home of the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park, often touted as Taiwan's Silicon Valley. Alongside its technological prowess, the county also boasts a rich cultural heritage with a plethora of historical attractions ranging from temples to old-style houses. Visitors are also drawn to its natural attractions, including the enchanting Eighteen Peaks Mountain and the popular Nanliao Fishing Harbor. Known for its bamboo products and seafood cuisine, particularly its fresh oysters, Hsinchu offers travelers a unique blend of modern innovation and traditional culture.

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Is Hsinchu County good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Hsinchu County in Taiwan is known to be generally safe for solo female travelers. Locals are friendly and crime rates are relatively low. It's important to maintain common precautions like not walking alone late at night in less crowded areas and keeping track of your belongings at all times. Public transportation is reliable and convenient. However, make sure to have a translation app handy as English is not widely spoken.


Traveling around Hsinchu County on your own is fairly convenient. While the local language might be a barrier, most locals are accommodating and helpful. Public transportation, especially the buses and trains, are reliable. Many important tourist sites are also accessible and signages are usually bilingual. However, it’s worth noting that few residents speak fluent English, which can make communication slightly challenging.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Hsinchu County offers various attractions filled with natural beauty and cultural heritage. Its stunning landscapes include the Eighteen Peaks Mountain and the Green Grass Lake, offering brilliant spots for hiking and picnicking. Hsinchu also has numerous cultural spots, including the Old Hsinchu City Moat and the Glass Museum of Hsinchu where traditional and modern arts are showcased. Food is a highlight with unique local delicacies. Despite this, nightlife is quiet compared to other Taiwanese cities, and it may not be as bustling for those who prefer city lights.

Food:Above average

Hsinchu County offers a vast array of cuisine options ranging from traditional Taiwanese dishes such as beef noodle soup and braised pork rice, to freshly sourced seafood dishes, modern fusions, and even street food vendors rich with local delicacies. The local scene ranges from simple hole-in-the wall eateries to elegant, upscale venues. However, finding diverse international cuisine might be slightly challenging.


Hsinchu County presents a moderately budget-friendly destination. Accommodation, eating out, and public transportation costs are reasonable. However, expenditure may vary based on personal habits, interactions, and choices of attractions. Additionally, shopping and certain activities might be on the more costly side.

Is Hsinchu County worth visiting?

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