Solo Female Travel in Green Island

Spectacularly nestled in the Pacific Ocean, off the southeastern coast of Taiwan, Green Island lures visitors with its incredible beauty and stunning natural assets. This enticing travel destination is particularly famous for its distinctive coral reefs, an exquisite natural hot spring located right in the ocean, and the unique coastal basalt formations that characterize its rugged scenery. Enthusiasts of marine life are drawn to Green Island because of its extraordinary snorkeling and scuba-diving opportunities, making it a perfect getaway for those seeking an adventurous water-related excursion. Furthermore, the island is steeped in history and notable for its unique cultural nuances, including the former penal colony, now converted into the Green Island Human Rights Culture Park, dedicated to those who were incarcerated during Taiwan's White Terror era. This mesmerizing island is a blend of breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, and thrilling adventure, forming a dynamic tapestry of memorable experiences waiting for you to explore.

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Is Green Island good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Green Island generally offers a safe environment for solo female travelers. It is a small and relaxing island which can be explored freely. Most of the locals and tourists are considerate and respectful. However, it's always advisable to take usual precautions such as avoiding secluded areas at night and keeping personal belongings secure.


Green Island is fairly easy to navigate with its small size, since there are only a handful of roads that go in circles around the island. There's no public transport here, but renting scooters or bicycles is an accessible option. The terrain is mostly flat with a few inclined paths. There might be slight difficulty if the weather is inclement. Overall, getting around is straightforward and simple.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Green Island is loaded with fascinating activities to partake in. Its natural beauty is bewitching, especially for those fond of outdoor scenery. The island is famous for its rich marine life, inviting you to explore its charm through snorkeling and scuba diving. Strolling around its quaint streets and tasting local cuisine is a delightful experience as well. With various historical sites and a lighthouse, you can step into Taiwan's history too. However, even with its beauty and charm, it may be short on various urban activities which some travelers might look for, hence not a complete 5. Overall, it has ample to offer, making it appealing to various types of travelers.

Food:Above average

Green Island offers a surprisingly good range of dishes heavily influenced by a mix of indigenous, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. Seafood is especially fresh and abundant, thanks to the location's proximity to the sea. There are numerous local street food options to explore, and tropical fruit is plentiful. Vegetarian options are limited, but available. The lack of international cuisine and gourmet dining may deter some, but overall it is an interesting gastronomic journey for travelers looking to dive into local flavors.


Green Island offers a moderate level of affordability for travelers. Accommodation ranges from budget hostels to high-end resorts, suitable for different budgets. Food is relatively inexpensive, particularly in local eateries. Transportation can be economical since the island is small enough to explore using a rented scooter. However, some activities like diving and snorkeling can be pricey.

Is Green Island worth visiting?

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